Only 16 Days Til Christmas

My husband got this little handlebar bag for his Speed Triple last year and it's the *perfect* little bag. All the motorcycle needs is a handlebar to attach the bag with velcro. Minimal installation.

The Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar bag retails for $55 and works on a variety of motorcycles including dirtbikes, cruisers, tourers, nakeds and classics. And it's just large enough for essentials: wallet, smartphone, keys, chapstick. Although i'm able to add a couple more small things like my sunglasses and garage door opener. I would call it water resistant since the zippers aren't sealed, so be sure to throw your wallet and phone into a tough little LokSak first. 



Great Bag for Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

timbuk2_custom_bag_reflective I was driving home earlier tonight and I passed quite a few bicyclists who were not only riding down a one way street in the wrong direction, but also wearing absolutely NOTHING that made them noticeable at night. Argh. I try to look out for anyone on two wheels but it's definitely not easy when they're practically wearing all black. Scary.

I love my custom Timbuk2 bag, which I specifically chose reflective material for. It's also 100% waterproof and the perfect size. If you go to their website, you can customize it based on fit and laptop size. Lots of colors and fabrics to choose from too. You can even go ALL reflective! The material is day and night reflective, and sticks out like a sore thumb at night.

Ride Safe and Reflective!




Seatbelt Bags

Harveys SeatBelt Bags Messenger Black, $138

  • Made of durable automotive seatbelt
  • Overall bag size 15" (L) x 13" (H) x 4" (W)
  • Adjustable strap- goes from 26" with 12" drop up to 54" with 24" drop
  • Brushed nickel hardware
  • Metal feet for protection
  • Smooth zip-top closure
  • Fully lined with Harveys classic monogram print
  • Five internal slip pockets (3) 4.5"X1", (1) 4.5"X8.5" & (1) 4.5"X3"
  • One internal zip pocket 5"X7"
  • D-ring for accessory or key ring

Hipsters, Baguettes, Totes, Messengers, wallets, and many more sizes and designs/colors.

Everywhere I go,  I'm often stopped and asked about this bag. I have a slightly older version of this one (6 years, thanks baby!), but it still looks brand spanking new.  I've also ridden with this on my SV and it works quite well as a small messenger. It's fairly water resistant since it's made from seat belts. It also sits securely across my back and shoulders when the straps are tightened.

I wouldn't ride with it in a downpour, but would trust it in a light rainshower.  There's not enough room for my 13" Macbook, but if you had an older 12" Powerbook, it might fit!  Sometimes I'll just stick it in (without a sleeve) and let it stick out while I walk around with it (never riding, if I carry my laptop).  There are 6 internal pockets, which is a huge upgrade from the one pocket in my version. Too bad I'm not due for an upgrade just yet.  Like your typical woman, I tend to carry too many things in my purse and end up using my iPhone as a light to find my keys in the dark.

They also make a manlier version of this bag called The Slim Messenger for $104. It looks a little narrower, but basically the same style. There's even a camouflage version!

If you're looking for a cute, stylish purse, wallet or messenger, check out the Harveys website for their line of bags.