9 Days Til Christmas, Kriega R20 Backpack

The Kriega R20 Backpack is one of my favorite moto accessories. I've never worn any other backpack that was this comfortable to ride with. Fits my frame perfectly, not too small and not too big, just right for daily essentials like lunch, a change of shoes and an ipad and a small purse. If you want something for a 2-3 day weekend then an R25 is in order. But for the daily commuter, this is a must.

And today only, Revzilla is having a 10% off Kriega Sale. How convenient!


Only 14 Days Til Christmas

I love this Roland Sands Slam Wallet. It's tiny. Perfect if you just need to take essentials with you for the day while you're out riding: cash, credit card, driver license, insurance card. Done. 

Comes in black or tobacco and it's on SALE for $22.00 @ Revzilla

Unless your person is picky about wallets/accessories, then you may want to pass on this but I think it works well for everyone regardless if what he/she rides. What a great stocking stuffer. 


Only 16 Days Til Christmas

My husband got this little handlebar bag for his Speed Triple last year and it's the *perfect* little bag. All the motorcycle needs is a handlebar to attach the bag with velcro. Minimal installation.

The Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar bag retails for $55 and works on a variety of motorcycles including dirtbikes, cruisers, tourers, nakeds and classics. And it's just large enough for essentials: wallet, smartphone, keys, chapstick. Although i'm able to add a couple more small things like my sunglasses and garage door opener. I would call it water resistant since the zippers aren't sealed, so be sure to throw your wallet and phone into a tough little LokSak first. 



Cool Motorcycle? Travel Bag

rolo bag This travel bag seems like something many of us could use while on a cross country road trip! Or somewhere like that? 

This isn't a motorcycle specific bag, but something that's available from BoingBoing's online store.

It might look like this bag is huge but it's only 16" x 6"! What a great idea, a bag that rolls up that you can throw over your shoulder or strap to your seat if you're riding with it. It's not waterproof enough to ride through a thunderstorm but I'm sure you could find a waterproof bag for it somehow. I probably wouldn't use it for riding, but would use it as an overnight bag or weekend bag. Or if you have big cases or luggage, this could fit inside and be convenient to hold your most useful items.

For $45, I think it's a pretty cool idea. Read more about this nifty bag here.


Saddleman Tail Bag for your Sportbike

Saddlemen Sport Tunnel Tail Bag triumph speed triple daytona street triple I definitely see the value in a tailbag that has top access, since my Kriega packs don't. 

This Saddlemen Sport Tunnel Tail Bag looks like a cool tailbag if you have a tiny rear seat like on a Speed Triple, Daytona 675 or similar. A customer came in recently and purchased one for her Daytona 675. It looks like the straps work under the seat so if you don't have any mount points below, this should work well.

Another bag I recommend for top access is the Cortech Super 2.0 Tail Bag (available in 14L or 24L), but you do need external mount points to attach this to your seat. Cortech also offers an optional rain cover if you choose the larger 24L option.

cortech super 2.0 tailbag

Sportbike Touring Tips

it's me! I LOVE touring on my sportbike. I'm not old enough to transition to a full touring bike just yet.

So I've shared my tips on how to comfortably tour on your sportbike since it's probably not the most comfortable or smartest option when you think about long distance + motorcycles.

Read my full article in the October issue of Sportbikes Inc Magazine, Page 106. It's 100% FREE and easy to read in any browser. Enjoy!!

Tankbag Alternative, Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag


To prepare for our first ride across PA, the man wanted something smaller than a tank bag, but not a tank bag. He found this on (there's always SO much stuff on that website :P) by Giant Loop, the Zigzag handlebar bag. I love their description at the bottom: FITS THESE MOTORCYCLE MAKES & MODELS
• BMW, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Husqvarna, Triumph

Indeed, it fit his S3 perfectly. It doesn't take up much space, you can barely see it here on his bike (right):

So beautiful!

Best Backpack for your Motorcycle?


Maybe. The Kriega US25 is right in the middle of the Kriega lineup at 25 Liters. It's not waterproof, but it offers a nice midsize that doesn't feel too big on my frame. I always feel like a little kid if I wear something that's way too big on me. I just bought this last week and will be commuting with her to see how it feels on the bike. Click here for a full overview of specs and features. $189.


Another review in the queue.. Kriega


kriega motorcycle tailbags tailpacks saddlebags luggage  

Last weekend I went on another 3 day riding weekend. Only logged 600 miles (rode 2 out of 3 days) but I loved how these performed. 

Sadly it was 100 degrees so I couldn't test the waterproof nature of these Kriega packs but I absolutely love how they are interchangeable and stackable with one another. I'm trying to get away from saddlebag systems just so have the lowest profile setup on my bike. The setup above has a total capacity of 40 Liters. I only filled them 2/3 of the way and am confident that I could easily fill them up for a 4-5 day trip.

If you're a sportbike / naked bike enthusiast, then you know how difficult luggage can be. Kriega's ingenious system allows their bags to fit on pretty much any bike, even if you don't have mount points!

Stay tuned for a full review.

(I've been practicing packing lighter and lighter so that's probably also why I'm able to conserve so much space)

Magnetic Tankbag with Hydration

Motocentric MotoTrek 14 Liter Magnetic Tank Bag Hydration Bladder


Featuring an optional hydration bladder, it seems like the perfect companion for long distance, hot weather rides. 

MSRP: $79.99

Where to Buy: 

I like the idea of a small front access pocket like this one has, as well as the optional hydration bladder. It also comes with backpack straps, a waterproof cover, mounting straps in case you don't have a magnetic tank, and a rain cover. For this model, you have to buy the bladder separately ($14.99). But if you buy the 19 Liter version, it's included for the same price. 

I'll be trying this bag out around town, on short rides and my last weekend trip of the year to Horizons Unlimited next month.