Only 16 Days Til Christmas

My husband got this little handlebar bag for his Speed Triple last year and it's the *perfect* little bag. All the motorcycle needs is a handlebar to attach the bag with velcro. Minimal installation.

The Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar bag retails for $55 and works on a variety of motorcycles including dirtbikes, cruisers, tourers, nakeds and classics. And it's just large enough for essentials: wallet, smartphone, keys, chapstick. Although i'm able to add a couple more small things like my sunglasses and garage door opener. I would call it water resistant since the zippers aren't sealed, so be sure to throw your wallet and phone into a tough little LokSak first. 



Magnetic Tankbag with Hydration

Motocentric MotoTrek 14 Liter Magnetic Tank Bag Hydration Bladder


Featuring an optional hydration bladder, it seems like the perfect companion for long distance, hot weather rides. 

MSRP: $79.99

Where to Buy: Motocentric.com 

I like the idea of a small front access pocket like this one has, as well as the optional hydration bladder. It also comes with backpack straps, a waterproof cover, mounting straps in case you don't have a magnetic tank, and a rain cover. For this model, you have to buy the bladder separately ($14.99). But if you buy the 19 Liter version, it's included for the same price. 

I'll be trying this bag out around town, on short rides and my last weekend trip of the year to Horizons Unlimited next month.  


Textile Overpants and Magnetic Tank Bag

Join me on the Two Wheel Power Hour at 3:25pm PT / 6:25pm ET. I'm going to give some updates regarding the Progressive Motorcycle Show, as well as a couple of products I've been spending time with recently:

Givi Silver T470 Tank Bag MSRP $80 Givi Silver TankBag I'll be posting a full review later this week. But I just wanted to briefly mention how much I love this bag. It's about the same size as my Cortech magnetic tank bag, but less square shaped and tapered in front. The one thing I really like is the sealed zipper around the top of the bag. This means no additional waterproof covers needed! It expands and comes with straps in case you don't have a magnetic tank, or you want to strap it to your scooter! Givi makes very friendly scooter luggage. If you're searching for options for your scooter, I'd make Givi's website your first stop.

Revit Zip Overpants $139.99, XXS - 4XL, Standard, Short and Long sizing available Revzilla.com These are unisex overpants starting at size XXS for the ladies, going all the way to 4XL for the men. I have to say that these pants fit women better than men in some cases, due to the slightly tapered waist. I have fit these pants in more curvy, plus size women than I can count. If you have hips and have trouble finding pants, you have to try these out.

What I really love about these pants is how fitted it is in the waist, hips and thighs. They are still overpants, so they do flare a bit at the bottom so you can wear them over your boots. But compared to the Olympia Pro's I used to wear, they're far less bulky. Unfortunately they're less warm as well. But I wanted something lighter for San Francisco winters and so far, these are doing pretty well. I'll update you once we hit our actual wet winter. I'll be posting a full review this week as well as more photos. Stay tuned! Revit Zip Pants

Sneak peek

I just went to Macworld last week and the last thing I expected to see was a motorcycle!

Axio is a cool manufacturer who makes backpacks and gear for motorcyclists. They're coming out with a new version of this magnetic tank bag that will eventually have backpack straps. The bag is on a Yamaha R6 (Yo!), but the new version will be a more neutral shaped bag to fit other bikes. You can actually lay your laptop inside, underneath the velcro strap. It's padded so your laptop won't be sitting directly on the tank. I was told that they've also done a lot of testing while riding with a laptop as well and no damage should occur as a result of having it in your tankbag. I'll get more details as soon as I can, as I plan to conduct an interview with one of their sales reps about all their gear.

Stay Tuned!