Cool Reflective Accessories for Your Motorcycle

rydesafe reflective decals bicycles motorcycles helmets Woo hoo! Reflective stuff! Ok, maybe I'm the only nerd that gets excited about bright objects. But I like wearing black when it comes to my motorcycle gear. I look good in it too, what can I say? :P But I know that I need to somehow make up for all the darkness with some bright reflectives to stay visible and safe as possible. So here's a few accessories I like that can help you too.

Wearing Hi-Viz Yellow or Orange is certainly a great way to be seen by more people. There's no guarantee that you'll be seen by every person, but certainly reduces the risks in my opinion. However, for me, the bright color isn't enough for riding at night.

It doesn't matter how bright your clothes are if they aren't reflective, I really believe in lots of reflective pieces so when light hits you it reflects.

So here are 3 reflective accessories that I wanted to share that I really think are cool to use.

1/ Reflective Decals, RydeSafe

"RydeSafe Reflective Decals are cut from an engineering-grade “conspicuity film” which contains microscopic glass spheres that reflect light back to its source. So no matter what direction the light is coming from, our stickers reflect it back. In the case of a pair of headlights, RydeSafe Reflective Decals reflect it right back to the driver’s eyes resulting in a more visible and thus safer user." -


They have a few different shape / pattern options. I opted for the chain links (white) and the modular kit (purple). I found mine on Amazon but you can buy them directly on their website as well. (Unfortunately they're still running an old promo code from October on the main page, so they're not on sale).

Even if you don't like these, just hop on eBay or Google and you'll find your favorite sports teams, animals, shapes, motorcycle manufacturers and more in the form of reflective decals. You're sure to find something you want to wear!

2/ Reflective Vests

There are a lot of vest options on the market. I still love my Spectrum vests, although they did close their business this past year.  The previous owner told me that it should be back next year under new management. They used a really really bright reflective tape that was Coast Guard worthy. If I do have to ride at night, I always wear my vest!

Spectrum Vest in Regular Light IMG_2643

You'll find a lot of different vests to choose from, including options from the bicycling world. But as a motorcyclist I would try to find a vest that uses CE / EN Certified Fabrics (less likely to fade) and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape (even more visible, durable). These materials make a much brighter difference at highway speeds.


3/ Reflective Paracord

reflective paracord

I just found these on Amazon from Paracord Planet. These photos show how reflective this rope really is. I love the idea of making a dog leash out of it. I shared it with my fabulous dogsitter so she could use it too :)




I bought neon yellow and purple. My plan is to weave them together somehow and then run them through the loops on the top of my Kriega R20 Backpack since the logos are the only reflective pieces. Sometimes I ride home at night with my backpack on so I want to add as much reflective as I can!

Kriega R20 Backpack

4/ 3M Reflective Tape

3M Reflective Tape Roll

I bought a roll of this on Amazon so I could make my own patterns for my last helmets. I found a ton of rolls in various colors and widths there too.

I've also started a Pinterest board to collect these ideas; check them out here.

If you have any cool reflective accessories that you like using, please share!

Kriega R20 Backpack

Kriega R20 Backpack  

More Birthday Loot! I forgot to post my birthday backpack; this cute Kriega R20. I currently have the R25 which I do love, but I'll admit it's a bit big on me.

For my birthday, my wonderful friend Dimitry bought me the R20. I love it! The only thing I want to change is the mostly black exterior. So I hopped onto Amazon and found reflective paracord, who knew such a thing existed?

reflective paracord

I bought yellow and purple. I'm going to weave them together and make a little rope that runs through the loops on the top of the backpack (which are mainly there for you to add the 5 or 10L packs for extra storage).


Now I'll have some more visibility from the back (and some cute color!) while riding. I'll have a full review posted soon as well.

Thanks Kriega for making such a great little bag for me to play with.

Motorcycle Diets! Or A New Exhaust.

Goldie just lost about 15lbs. This new Competition Werkes GP Exhaust only weighs 3.5lbs!

Here's a quick before pic, with it's 2 pipes under my seat. I can't tell you how HOT these pipes are on my butt! Even while wearing leathers. After just 5 minutes of riding, it would get really warm. In the winter it would be awesome, but in the summer it's killing me.

Riding up Broad Street, Philadelphia

Riding up Broad Street, Philadelphia

After installing this beautiful low mount exhaust, the heat has almost completely disappeared. I can still feel hot air but it's not blowing as hard.


And bonus! It's a much lighter can. The old system was ~15lbs. I also decided to remove the rear footpegs. Those are at least 1.5lbs each. I think if I weighed Goldie, she'd probably be somewhere around 395lbs :D

Posing in front of a sunflower field somewhere in Maryland. 

Posing in front of a sunflower field somewhere in Maryland. 

God I love this bike. Some people have kids... some of us have Triumphs.

P.S. If you're searching for someone reliable and honest to do good work on your motorcycle in Philadelphia, please try Working Class Cycles in South Philly. Aaron is awesome and a great guy to work with. He mounted my exhaust without a problem (which required some cutting which I am NOT prepared to do). I'll probably bring it by next year when it's time for an oil change and 6k service too. I highly recommend his shop!

Tankbag Alternative, Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag


To prepare for our first ride across PA, the man wanted something smaller than a tank bag, but not a tank bag. He found this on (there's always SO much stuff on that website :P) by Giant Loop, the Zigzag handlebar bag. I love their description at the bottom: FITS THESE MOTORCYCLE MAKES & MODELS
• BMW, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Husqvarna, Triumph

Indeed, it fit his S3 perfectly. It doesn't take up much space, you can barely see it here on his bike (right):

So beautiful!

Best Backpack for your Motorcycle?


Maybe. The Kriega US25 is right in the middle of the Kriega lineup at 25 Liters. It's not waterproof, but it offers a nice midsize that doesn't feel too big on my frame. I always feel like a little kid if I wear something that's way too big on me. I just bought this last week and will be commuting with her to see how it feels on the bike. Click here for a full overview of specs and features. $189.


Wearable Technology.

wearable led light technology anders nelson kickstarter


What an interesting idea! Fashionable, wearable technology that also provides a safety element. 

Everything motorcyclists are searching for, right? Well, not that I'd run around town in a little black dress with an LED belt. Ok maybe, but underneath my leathers. Check out this kickstarter by Anders Nelson. He's hoping to raise enough money to produce these. Other options include patches that you can stick on anything. 



Another reason to wear Ear Plugs.

Watch this video (with headphones) and see if your hearing is where it should be. It's SO important to wear ear plugs while riding not only to preserve our hearing but our sanity as we head out on two wheels.

I learned early on that wearing ear plugs (even the cheap $0.99/100 ones) help me concentrate on the road. Minimizing distractions, isn't that one of our goals while we ride so we can focus?

I found this to be the case more so on Twisties. I could focus on my apex, entry speed, exit speed, decreasing/increasing radiuses, everything I needed to make better, smoother, faster turns.

One resource I highly recommend is Earplug Superstore. You can order a couple of sample packs which provides one of each of almost everything they sell. Some are softer than others, some are denser, squishier. One pair may feel nice while another may feel really uncomfortable. I also figured out that I can sleep in these and they help block the snoring action from my beloved groom.

I tried these two packs: (1) and (2)

So far, I've discovered that this type of plug fits me the best because it's squishier/lighter and more comfortable:

Howard Leight LaserLite UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 32)


Cost: $22 for 200 pairs!

I know it can be strange to wear ear plugs at first, but after trying a few different options, I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. Safe riding!


Women's Motorcycle Gear on Pinterest

motorcycles scooters gear women pinterest photos recomendations 

I know, I know. Another social media network to follow. But find me there as GearChic, and I'll show you my favorite outfits as well as collections of gear that suit different body types, riding lifestyles and budgets. You can create photo albums that you can share with others too. When you click on the photo it takes you to a website where you can buy the product or read my review :-).