Motorcycle Diets! Or A New Exhaust.


Goldie just lost about 15lbs. This new Competition Werkes GP Exhaust only weighs 3.5lbs!


Here's a quick before pic, with it's 2 pipes under my seat. I can't tell you how HOT these pipes are on my butt! Even while wearing leathers. After just 5 minutes of riding, it would get really warm. In the winter it would be awesome, but in the summer it's killing me.


After installing this beautiful low mount exhaust, the heat has almost completely disappeared. I can still feel hot air but it's not blowing as hard.

2012_triumph_streettriple_competitionwerkes gp cobra black


And bonus! It's a much lighter can. The old system was ~15lbs. I also decided to remove the rear footpegs. Those are at least 1.5lbs each. I think if I weighed Goldie, she'd probably be somewhere around 395lbs :D

God I love this bike. Some people have kids... some of us have Triumphs.

P.S. If you're searching for someone reliable and honest to do good work on your motorcycle in Philadelphia, please try Working Class Cycles in South Philly. Aaron is awesome and a great guy to work with. He mounted my exhaust without a problem (which required some cutting which I am NOT prepared to do). I'll probably bring it by next year when it's time for an oil change and 6k service too. I highly recommend his shop!