Sneak peek

I just went to Macworld last week and the last thing I expected to see was a motorcycle!

Axio is a cool manufacturer who makes backpacks and gear for motorcyclists. They're coming out with a new version of this magnetic tank bag that will eventually have backpack straps. The bag is on a Yamaha R6 (Yo!), but the new version will be a more neutral shaped bag to fit other bikes. You can actually lay your laptop inside, underneath the velcro strap. It's padded so your laptop won't be sitting directly on the tank. I was told that they've also done a lot of testing while riding with a laptop as well and no damage should occur as a result of having it in your tankbag. I'll get more details as soon as I can, as I plan to conduct an interview with one of their sales reps about all their gear.

Stay Tuned!