Looking for Fitted, "not gear" Looking gear



  • On the fitted, less unisex/androgynous side. 
  • Like the "not gear" look, but prefer white or lighter for visibility. But I'd consider darker. 
  • Would like to top out at $200. Less is always better. It's my first jacket; it doesn't have to be my only. But one jacket that does a good job with a layer or two under or over would be great.

I prefer a more fitted jacket. For example, I was able to try on the Dainese Air-Frame. The women riders in the store assured me that the 38 (or was it 40?) was the size I needed ("that's how it fits me, too," each said). And it might have been the best size for the elbow armor, but, wow--just way too snug across the bust. The next size up was fine, but they thought the armor in the elbows moved a bit too much. So maybe the Dainese brand just isn't for me (5'4", about 110, but C-D bust). I do like the shape of the Alice (based on the video), but it doesn't look like the bust would fit any different. Same thing with the Ignition 2. Really like the look (on the RevZilla vid and based on your blog), don't really want to spend that much, especially because I question the fit. 

The Alpinestars seem to give me a bit more room in the bust. Most of their jackets are way to branded for me, though. 

I've looked at photos/descriptions/videos/reviews of a million jackets. And have been able to try on a few. 

I just stumbled upon the Fieldsheer 3.0. Difficult to tell about fit without seeing it on someone. One reviewer said it was a potato sack.

And I do like the look of the Spidi Netix in white. But I'm not sure, without buying the thermal liner, it will be enough to carry me into the fall/winter/spring in San Diego.

Keep in mind that at your weight and size, your choices are very very limited. If you're 110, and a C/D bust, then you technically are a 40 (they dont offer 38 really) but because your bust is larger than your overall size, you may have to go up to a 42 to accommodate your bust. also, remember that all of the Dainese jackets are shorter across the front on purpose. so make sure that you are checking that fit in riding position, NOT standing or front of the mirror. They're all designed to be more comfortable with arms forward and out, reaching for your handlebars. It's definitely doesn't feel normal, compared to shopping for casual clothes. I think for you, it's partly getting used to this new kind of clothing and adjusting to a fit that's more ideal for riding position. However, that being said I can definitely understand the bust still being too tight because generally speaking, Dainese jackets do not have a very generous fit in the bust if you're larger there proportionally to the rest of your body.

And going up in size for the bust means a looser fit everywhere else. Unfortunately your proportions are backwards for gear manufacturers. You'll have to increase your budget quite a bit as well, $200 for something that fits you is almost impossible except for the Dainese Air Flux at $199. If you can wear a sports bra, I highly recommend doing so for riding because it'll reduce your bust size a bit to help the jackets fit more comfortably. European manufacturers are the *only* ones who make size 0s because American woman are an average size 10-12.

Do not go with the Ignition 2, even a 34 won't work for you. It's a very VERY boxy cut. If you want to keep the fit for the shoulders/elbows/arms, then you'll need to size down to 34 Revit or 40.  I think you may fit a Revit Xena; I know it doesn't fit your aesthetic but you will have to give up one or more of your requirements to get something that actually fits you and will protect you. Unless you start lifting weights and increasing your muscle mass :)

The Revit Indigo is multi layered, a removable waterproof and removable thermal liner. Since it's multi season, you're paying more than $200. It's a fantastic jacket, and will work mostly year round except in extreme heat or cold temps.

Another option, although bust may be too snug in a 38:

You could do 40 in this one, since it runs really narrow. It would probably fit your bust better but still have a slender, fitted cut. (this is the 2014 version of the vika, thus more $)

As far as the Spidi Netix, it's strictly summer so you'll need some sort of windblocker or thermal layer inside to keep you warm through the winter. If you had something like a North Face Windproof Jacket underneath, I could see that working in San Diego. But anything with mesh will allow a lot of wind to go through. I would recommend Spidi's liner, they work really well.

The Vika has a new sister, meet Renee

 alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket gold

When Alpinestars launched the Vika line, everyone wondered where was the champagne version that was so falsely advertised in their overly marketed video? Well it looks like they came up with something that's close, but with twist. Introducing, the Renee. 

The Renee was developed to as a slightly less expensive ($399 vs $429) alternative to the Vika with the same fitment and function. Lightweight, form fitting, styled for city riding and casual riding. Whether it's a scooter or motorcycle, the Renee is a stylish, lightweight alternative to a heavier 1.3-1.6mm leather jacket. 

Many of us have been waiting for someone to design a really really stylish jacket with armor and protection. But does seeing this make you think that it's protective? I thought, wait, it's too pretty. But is it? 

I think we've seen so much pink, glitter and glam over the years that it's convinced us that no jacket that's pretty can possibly be safe. No, this outfit or the Vika for that matter isn't going to be the best option for a cross country trip or a track day. But it is good enough for a quick ride across San Francisco to the movies or out to dinner. 

Both versions of the Renee are textile/leather hybrids for a lightweight, more comfortable jacket. 

Following the Vika, will one of these two styles of the Renee may make it into your closet? 



alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket goldalpinestars renee denim black leather jacket


On a side note, I've been wearing the Vika around town as it's been a little warmer these days. And I've been wearing the pants as an overpant over my skinny jeans. For those of you looking for a leather overpant, that's probably as good as it gets for something that won't feel super uncomfortable with jeans underneath. I wouldn't advise riding that way for more than 10-20 min especially in summer, (ie. traveling or touring) but for cool, mild weather it's working well. 

Aside from my butt squeaking every time I reposition myself on my seat...... c'est la vie....


Alpinestars Vika - First Impressions

 Alpinestars Vika Jacket Pants Motorcycle Leather Womens 

Finally, it's here. Is it living up to all the hype? Kind of. 

The Vika by Alpinestars is a fashion leather with armor and a precurved fit. It's a little better than something you'd buy at the mall because it has the armor and a slightly better fit in riding position.

So far I'm neutral about it. It does fit well (although I had to wear a 44 for the jacket because my shoulders were too broad for 40, which I fit in the GP Plus) it's a little 'bunchy'. Not sure if that's because of the leather or because I'm not quite the tall, thin body type that this outfit was made for.

alpinestars vika leather motorcycle jacket pants womens

If you're long and lean on top I think this will fit you much better than me. I've only worn this with Betty, in a full upright riding position. It feels comfortable up here but I don't think it'll be as comfy on my SV650s, which is really forward leaning.

The pants seem short, even for my inseam (28.5"). Although, keep in mind you never need your riding pants to reach your full inseam, like you would casual pants. Otherwise, they'll be dragging on the ground when you walk.

It's a really light, thin leather so I wouldn't wear it on the freeway since it's barely keeping me warm at 60 degrees. I also would be weary if I crashed at high speed.

Full review coming after a 100+ more miles riding in it... 


Alpinestars Vika Leather Outfit

Alpinestars Leather Vika Womens Motorcycle JacketAlpinestars Leather Vika Womens Motorcycle Pants

I love the smell of leather in the morning. Ok, I just love the smell of new leather. 

Alpinestars Leather Vika Womens Motorcycle JacketAlpinestars Leather Vika Womens Motorcycle Pants

Alpinestars newest addition for their Fall 2012 collection for women riders is the Vika jacket and pants. They're essentially an updated version of the popular Tyla 2 piece. They've also released a complementary pair of gloves and boots. I'm a fan of strong hand and footwear, so I don't know what to think of those. Hopefully these are more than 1.1mm thick for highway/heavy street riding!

Alpinestars generously offered this to me for review. I cannot wait to get my arms and legs into this outfit! From what I've seen, they've  always done a fantastic job of gearing up women in incredibly flattering motorcycle gear. I haven't had any personal experience riding in their gear, so I'm totally excited to try this out. 

Unfortunately, the flashy marketing ad that you may have seen on their website depicts a beautiful gold/cream combination that they only used as a marketing tool. So we won't be seeing that combo anytime soon. :-(

Stay tuned for first impressions as soon as she arrives....