The Vika has a new sister, meet Renee

 alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket gold

When Alpinestars launched the Vika line, everyone wondered where was the champagne version that was so falsely advertised in their overly marketed video? Well it looks like they came up with something that's close, but with twist. Introducing, the Renee. 

The Renee was developed to as a slightly less expensive ($399 vs $429) alternative to the Vika with the same fitment and function. Lightweight, form fitting, styled for city riding and casual riding. Whether it's a scooter or motorcycle, the Renee is a stylish, lightweight alternative to a heavier 1.3-1.6mm leather jacket. 

Many of us have been waiting for someone to design a really really stylish jacket with armor and protection. But does seeing this make you think that it's protective? I thought, wait, it's too pretty. But is it? 

I think we've seen so much pink, glitter and glam over the years that it's convinced us that no jacket that's pretty can possibly be safe. No, this outfit or the Vika for that matter isn't going to be the best option for a cross country trip or a track day. But it is good enough for a quick ride across San Francisco to the movies or out to dinner. 

Both versions of the Renee are textile/leather hybrids for a lightweight, more comfortable jacket. 

Following the Vika, will one of these two styles of the Renee may make it into your closet? 



alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket goldalpinestars renee denim black leather jacket


On a side note, I've been wearing the Vika around town as it's been a little warmer these days. And I've been wearing the pants as an overpant over my skinny jeans. For those of you looking for a leather overpant, that's probably as good as it gets for something that won't feel super uncomfortable with jeans underneath. I wouldn't advise riding that way for more than 10-20 min especially in summer, (ie. traveling or touring) but for cool, mild weather it's working well. 

Aside from my butt squeaking every time I reposition myself on my seat...... c'est la vie....