Article from about Women's Gear Options

I recently talked to the author of this article from about the increase in options for women's gear over the past decade.


There are many things we're not seeing in the growth of women's gear but it's nice to see more options surface, even if it doesn't necessarily work for 100% of the women riders out there. 

Technical Riding Sneakers for Women

Another video from yours truly! Check out my recommendation for women's riding sneakers in another Geek Speak from  Keep in mind that riding sneakers are meant for low speed, city riding conditions (~15-35mph). I wouldn't recommend these for any type of backroad or highway / freeway riding or commuting.

New Women's Motorcycle Jacket from Aether Apparel


It's always great when new gear comes out for us, isn't it? This time it's from a more fashion based, motorcycle "inspired" company. The Aether Apparel Horizon jacket is $595 and is available in 3 different colors up to a size XL (~44" chest). 

I'm always skeptical of these sorts of companies (fashion based) making riding gear, because riding gear requires a certain fit that isn't easy to figure out. Especially when you add women's bodies into the mix. I want to say that this jacket was launched recently as of this week from Aether, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

This jacket has a built in waterproof membrane and a couple of vents which I'm going to guess doesn't allow for direct ventilation (which allows the air to flow directly to your body and isn't blocked by a membrane like the Klim Altitude). It also features full D3O body armor in the back, elbow and shoulders, so you know it offers some real protection.

However, I still question why the Horizon is so expensive, given the lack of technical features such as direct vents, a connection zipper for riding pants or a removable thermal liner. Not to mention the multiple seams running down each arm, which can make them more vulnerable in a crash. Perhaps they're using an advanced construction technique that I'm not aware of, I have no idea.

There aren't very many truly stylish, fashionable jackets that have the technical features many of us want and need out there, so it's definitely awesome when we get something else to choose from. Looking at this jacket, it competes with something like this Dainese Elysee D Dry which doesn't offer the extra vents, but it costs $200 less. Besides $150 worth of body armor, what else do you get for almost $600?

Either way, I just hope that this really works the way it should be intended; crashing, not modeling.

New Rev'it Women's Motorcycle Gear for 2015


For Spring 2015, Rev'it is bringing us a lot of new women's gear including a really stylish retro inspired jacket, sport touring textile pants and a follow up to my favorite riding pants that every woman should have in her gear closet. 

Marryl Evo Leather / Textile Pants

$379.99. If you've searched my blog for Rev'it Marryl pants, you know how fantastic their pants look and fit. If not, here are a few pics to get you up to speed:



I haven't seen the Marryl Evos in person, but I'm confident they will have an amazing fit like the Gear 2's I'm wearing above. Wearing mixed textile/leather pants are the best compromise for hot and cool weather. I wear them with every jacket I own regardless of brand/style or color. I think these will look similar to the Gear 2s since they're also a blend of leather and textile but with a sportier, tapered leg so you can wear them in your boots if you choose to. But they're not for a specific kind of bike. They're for anyone who wants an incredible leather pant with protection and function along with a really great fit.

You might be wondering, well are these going to offer enough protection since they have less leather? My answer is yes, because the leather is exactly where you need them for abrasion: down the leg, full back except behind the knees, hip, knees and the rest of the leg. The stretch panels are strategically placed for breathability and comfort.

Something else that may be difficult is the price point. I want to point out that they offer both hip and knee armor. But not just any armor. Tryonic at the Hip, and Seesoft at the Knees.  Really *great* body armor, not just the cheap stuff.

If you've been looking for really great street leathers that fit beautifully regardless of the type of bike you ride, look no further!

Factor 3 Textile Pants


$229.99. The Factor 3 pants are a lightweight touring textile pant, with a fully integrated waterproof membrane (not removable). They also come with a removable thermal liner making them a great 3 season pant for wet and cold weather. As with almost all Rev'it pants, these are going to be available in short and long sizes! And to give you an idea of what kind of fit these will probably have, these are 2 Rev'it textile pants that I've worn:

revit legacy goretex womens motorcycle suit

I'm hoping the Factors will fit more like a Sand pant, but I've yet to see them in person.

Bellecour Leather Jacket



$479.99. The Bellecour is a retro inspired casual leather jacket which will be available in black or brown. I'm loving the off centered zipper in front.


Allure Evo Leather Jacket


$469.99. The Allure Evo leather jacket is the matching top to the Marryl Evo pants above. The last version of this jacket definitely ran a bit slim with longer sleeves. I saw a sample last year and if I recall correctly, it has a nice regular fit. Not too loose not too slim. We should have a few in the Revzilla Boutique before Summer, so if you're in the area, give us a call or check inventory online.


Antibes Gloves

Image TBD

$99.99. For a simple short leather glove, the Antibes will be available in black or dark brown. The cuffs are somewhat in the middle, not quite the wrist but not halfway up. A very simple, casual leather glove. Since they don't offer palm sliders and full wrist coverage, I would categorize these as city gloves and not enough protection for highway/touring.


Revit's Spring 2015 line will be available to purchase from dealers around April 2015. So hurry on over to, pick the size you're waiting for and enter your email address in the yellow box. You'll get an email as soon as they're available to order from us.


Wear This, Not That: Leather Jacket

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.12.51 PM Looks like a "motorcycle jacket". Feels like one, is this good enough to wear on your motorcycle?

I'm a sucker for a cool looking motorcycle jacket just like the next person. But, I value my body much more than that. The fact is this jacket is NOT good enough for riding on the front (or back for that matter) of a motorcycle. Here's why:

wear this not that casual clothes

Anything can be labeled as motorcycle gear. Anything. I can make a jacket today and call it a motorcycle jacket without anyone enforcing standards or minimum safety requirements in order to sell it to you.

That's the problem with all of this casual motorcycle inspired gear. It has NOTHING to do with you falling off your motorcycle, pure and simple. It's not about racing, it's not about touring thousands of miles, it's all about you separating from you bike. If you're in denial about that, then that's a completely different issue. But the fact is, you could very well fall off and probably not because you did anything wrong. That's why I wear all this stuff, because I have no idea what could happen to me.

So what's a nice alternative? For $30 more, the REV'IT Roamer Jacket is a much safer, stronger alternative. Extras like body armor, abrasion resistant leather, precurved arms (more comfort in riding position) and a removable thermal liner are included. The seams are also constructed in such a way that the jacket will stay together and hold its structure in case something happens. A LOT of thought, time and money has been spent to provide something that will work in case you are separated from your motorcycle. That's it's primary job.

Along with all these features, you have a beautifully fit jacket that will look great on or off the bike. Of course, its not as light and thin as the casual Nordstrom option, so no, it's not going to fit or feel exactly the same.



The Roamer is ideal for Fall, Spring and mild winters (California, Florida, etc.). The leather is softer, and more forgiving so you don't have to spend as much time breaking it in. I like the Roamer because it's a little more relaxed than it's sportier counterparts.


New Casual Boots by Tsubo

tsubo_loe_leather_brown_boots Since I'm not riding, I have to share these casual boots which I can't wait to get next week!

I discovered the company Tsubo a few months ago when I bought these awesome wedge heels that have amazing foam support. These particular boots are called the Loe, and have a nice layer of comfort foam and a breathable lining which supposedly keeps your feet comfy and dry. Unfortunately not waterproof (hey, Tsubo, that would be AWESOME) but still cute.


You might be wondering why I can't wear these while riding? Well, I guess I could do anything I want, theoretically. But here are the main reasons:

  1. I would quickly scuff and wear out the toe box from my shifter
  2. Poorly articulated for riding position (think knees bent, heels back, flex to point toe up and down)
  3. NO ankle protection or impact protection if my foot hits anything solid
  4. NO internal support to keep my ankles from twisting
  5. NO anti-slip soles (us short folks need STRONG, grippy soles to handle 300-500lbs of motorcycle weight)
  6. NO reinforced toe box or heel cup

Oh how I wish Sidi would come out with something similar to this with all the protective elements, but something tells me we'll be waiting awhile.....

Follow me on all of my social feeds to see pics of these boots when they arrive.

New Riding Jeans from REVIT, Fall/Winter 2014


(Picture Above: Broadway Ladies)

For those of you on the quest for the ultimate riding jeans, REV'IT has a few styles for you to try this winter, including 2 options for women. 

Broadway Ladies Jeans


Description from REV'IT:

The Broadway ladies jeans are designed by women for women. All of REV’IT!’s women’s gear is designed specifically with the female body in mind, and the regular straight fit of the Broadway is no different. The solid dark blue washing makes the denim stiff and strong, and is further strengthened by the PWR | shield panels and KNOX® protection in adjustable pockets at the knees.   With these jeans you will show everyone you are a fashionable woman on a bike.

  • $239.99, Sizes US 24-32, one color
  • 11oz Cordura® denim
  • Lining: polycotton plain weave
  • Protective layer: PWR|shield
  • Outer shell: 85% cotton, 15% , lining: 80% polyester, 20%
  • Knox® Lite CE protection at knee,
  • CE prepared for SaS Tec® CE hip protector (YES! Finally jeans with armor at both points)
  • PWR|shield knit protection layer at seat and knees, PWR|yarn
  • 3M Scotchlite™ reflection at turn up
  • Regular fit
  • Adjustable protector pockets
  • Zipper fly front closure
  • Comfort seat
  • Triple needle stitching at side seams and back, extra comfort by mechanical stretch of the outer shell, safety stitching at side seam

I would only recommend the Broadway simply because it offers Hip and Knee armor. I've crashed twice and both times hip and knee armor protected my body. I never ride in pants without hip and knee protectors anymore. I'm anxious to see these in person though. And I would would wear them in the city. (no highway riding)


Madison Ladies

revit_madison_ladies_back revit_madison_ladies_back

Description from REV'IT:

The Madison jeans are so comfortable you could continue to ride for days with them. The jeans are made of 12.5oz Cordura® denim with COOLMAX® element, which means they are stiff and strong but will still wick moisture away and keep you comfortable. They are constructed with triple needle stitching, safety stitching and feature KNOX® knee protectors for safety. The Madison jeans are designed to capture the freedom and are the ultimate riding trousers. 

  • $199.99, Sizes US 24-34, one color
  • 12.5oz Cordura® denim with Coolmax® element
  • Cotton twill lining
  • outer shell: 50% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% polyamide, lining: 100% cotton
  • Protective layer: 100% polyester
  • Knox® Lite CE protection at knee, PWR|yarn (no hip armor)
  • 3M Scotchlite™ reflection at turn up
  • Regular fit
  • Adjustable protector pocket
  • Zipper fly front closure
  • Comfort seat
  • Triple needle stitching at side seams and back
  • Safety stitching at side seam
  • Extra comfort by mechanical stretch of outer shell
  • Moisture-wicking function by Coolmax® element

It looks like the Madison are a lighter version, with only knee protection and Coolmax for more breathability.

I think it's awesome that they're offering the sizes in US waist! Meaning, you measure your waist and that's your size. Voila!

Cute Women's Motorcycle Shorts and Leggings

cute womens motorcycle shorts etsy vintage cafe

Another cool screenprint from my friends at Spectre Apparel on Etsy.  If you or someone you love is a classic car enthusiast, they have some cool designs for that too. 

Love these! They come in black too, $28.95

While you're there, check out the cute motorcycle leggings!

cute motorcycle leggings spectre apparel screenprinted motorcycles