New Gear for Spring/Summer 2018 from REV'IT

There are so many new products for us this Spring, I'm going to keep this limited to my top 4 favorites. 

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know I practically live in my Gear 2 Leather Pants almost year round. As long as it isn't below 60F, I'll pretty much live in them because they're so comfortable. 

This Spring, Rev'it is updating the Gear 2 with a new name but basically the same pant with a couple nice armor upgrades. 

The new Ignition 3 Pants (right) is pretty much the same pant as it's predecessor, the Gear 2's but with upgraded Level 2 Seeflex Knee Armor and Seesmart Level 1 Hips. Unfortunately this also means a price upgrade to $429 for the pants (previously $399). But worth $29 extra in my opinion for softer and more protective armor. 

The matching Ignition 3 Jacket is pretty much the same as the 2 with the same armor upgrades for elbows and shoulders for $30 more:


Another new pant for us is the Varenne. 

The Varenne is a ladies version of the popular Axis Unisex Waterproof Overpants which are now discontinued. 

These feature full hip to knee full length, two way zippers on each leg for those of you looking for easy commute wear.

Instead of riding in your skinny jeans, tights, shorts, chinos, and anything else that's not worthy of abrasion, check out these overpants. 

They're waterproof all the time and offer Seesoft Level 2 Knees and soft Seesmart Level 1 Hip protectors.  

They're simple, black and easy to wear and less than $200. And as always, available in (some) short and tall sizes for women (and the mens versions too). 

There are quite a few new additions to the rider looking for modern classic leather jackets.

Three new jackets; the Clare, Rosa and Erin offer slightly different leathers, styles and colors. I want to see someone in that gorgeous red Clare.  

Softer Seesoft Level 1 armor is included (except the back) to make them even more comfortable while riding.   

I think this Spring is going to be awfully cool and protected.... 


Stay tuned for a review of my Rev'it Neptune GoreTex Suit !

Summer review, REVIT Galactic

revit galactic leather ladies jacket summer waterproof


Landing in my hot little hands April 1st, this will be the perfect start for summer gear reviews!  

Modeled after the Ignition 2, the Galactic ($499) is designed as a sporty summer jacket with a removable waterproof liner.

Of course, for those of us in mild climates like San Francisco, the Galactic would be perfect as a year round option. A couple of differences between this and the Ignition 2 from what I can tell is the fitment: more hourglass through the middle, vs. boxy on the Ignition 2; and sport cut for a full forward riding position. Now that my body shape has changed, I definitely am looking forward to this newer fit.

I'll also be trying out the Challenger insert ($89), which is a cooling vest that zips in. Genius!

revit challenger cooling vest insert

I've got a nice list of weekend trips/rides planned to hot places so I'm sure this will come in handy. 

The Vika has a new sister, meet Renee

 alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket gold

When Alpinestars launched the Vika line, everyone wondered where was the champagne version that was so falsely advertised in their overly marketed video? Well it looks like they came up with something that's close, but with twist. Introducing, the Renee. 

The Renee was developed to as a slightly less expensive ($399 vs $429) alternative to the Vika with the same fitment and function. Lightweight, form fitting, styled for city riding and casual riding. Whether it's a scooter or motorcycle, the Renee is a stylish, lightweight alternative to a heavier 1.3-1.6mm leather jacket. 

Many of us have been waiting for someone to design a really really stylish jacket with armor and protection. But does seeing this make you think that it's protective? I thought, wait, it's too pretty. But is it? 

I think we've seen so much pink, glitter and glam over the years that it's convinced us that no jacket that's pretty can possibly be safe. No, this outfit or the Vika for that matter isn't going to be the best option for a cross country trip or a track day. But it is good enough for a quick ride across San Francisco to the movies or out to dinner. 

Both versions of the Renee are textile/leather hybrids for a lightweight, more comfortable jacket. 

Following the Vika, will one of these two styles of the Renee may make it into your closet? 



alpinestars renee champagne leather textile jacket goldalpinestars renee denim black leather jacket


On a side note, I've been wearing the Vika around town as it's been a little warmer these days. And I've been wearing the pants as an overpant over my skinny jeans. For those of you looking for a leather overpant, that's probably as good as it gets for something that won't feel super uncomfortable with jeans underneath. I wouldn't advise riding that way for more than 10-20 min especially in summer, (ie. traveling or touring) but for cool, mild weather it's working well. 

Aside from my butt squeaking every time I reposition myself on my seat...... c'est la vie....


REV'IT Ignition 2 Jacket and Gear 2 Pants

REV'IT Ignition 2 in Black Anthracite, FrontREV'IT Gear 2 Motorcycle Pants Womens This Ignition jacket has been so popular for REV'IT that it took them 3-4 years to update it.  Many manufacturers like to rehash their lines every 4-5 years (much like helmets) and they've definitely taken some liberties with both the Ignition and matching Gear 2 pants.

As mentioned in this previous post,  the Marryls have been discontinued and instead, REV'IT combined the fit and features of the first generation Gear pant to make the new Gear 2 pants.

I'll be picking these up TODAY and I can't wait! I've been dying to get my hands on this outfit since I saw it in October.  These two items are the perfect for year round riding and touring. I've put about 20,000 miles on my other Ignition and I love everything about that jacket except the length of the torso.  It sits right on top of my hips and I just wish it were either an inch shorter (for my super short torso) or a little bit flared at the waist. It had a really straight line from the armpit to the waist and for someone with narrower hips, it's perfect. But for me, it pushes up a little bit.

For those of you who are looking for a really great deal, now's the time to buy the current versions from your dealer since they should be marked down to get ready for the new versions.

The Ignition 1 is the longest, most fitted jacket for those of you with longer torsos, narrow shoulders and long arms. I can't say enough good things about it.

You can find them both online at Revzilla or in person at Scuderia West, or your local REV'IT dealer.