Women's Riding Jeans

2012 triumph street triple R black gold dainese revit shoei sidi Why is it so difficult to find women's riding jeans that fit? Well, it's certainly difficult to fit women's clothing online as it is, let alone motorcycle specific clothing. 

I'm proud of a little project that I participated in to help my fellow women shopping for riding jeans. When you visit Revzilla and click on any of the women's riding jeans pages you'll see fabulous new fit notes to tell you how they might fit.

Here's a pair that I really like, the Alpinestars Daisy Jeans, available in black and dark denim. At the bottom of the description, you'll see a few fit notes that I hope makes this process much easier!

New Article in Motorcyclist Magazine

Thanks to twitter follower @eimken for snapping this pic of my very first article in Motorcyclist Magazine this month!

Just my $0.02 on how to shop for gear and why it's so damn hard for women to find what they're looking for. It's available on the digital edition for your iPad or iPhone, as well as newsstands of course.

More Pinterest Boards: Plus Size, Racing Gear

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More boards and more pins are up at

You don't have to be a member, the boards are available for anyone on the interwebs to see! I've got more boards by size / fit and updated boards with new gear including racing gear, plus size gear, long and lean gear and more.

Why Doesn't This Motorcycle Jacket Fit Me?

womens motorcycle jacket fit olympia airglide 4 mesh textile 4 season  

There's a very good chance ya just need to bend forward a bit, bring your shoulders in and your tummy back.

Then voila! Your jacket zips up perfectly. Remember that proper fit is always in riding position; never standing up!

Motorcycle Jackets with a More Generous Bust on Pinterest


I've updated some of my Pinterest boards, and will be adding fit-specific boards such as:

  • long and lean motorcycle jackets
  • jackets with generous bust spaces
  • pants that run long
  • pants that run short
  • and more to come!

You do not have to be a member to view my boards, so swing by and let me know if there's something you want to see. As always, you can find me as Gearchic on Pinterest.

Something else to keep in mind, especially for the first time gear shoppers is that even these jackets will be tight across the bust, no matter what. Nothing designed for riding is going to fit like your blouses so make sure that you bring your shoulders forward, bring the girls in, your torso back to get it to zip up. Then SIT ON THE MOTORCYCLE. This is SO important to make sure you're not in the wrong size.

Looking for Fitted, "not gear" Looking gear



  • On the fitted, less unisex/androgynous side. 
  • Like the "not gear" look, but prefer white or lighter for visibility. But I'd consider darker. 
  • Would like to top out at $200. Less is always better. It's my first jacket; it doesn't have to be my only. But one jacket that does a good job with a layer or two under or over would be great.

I prefer a more fitted jacket. For example, I was able to try on the Dainese Air-Frame. The women riders in the store assured me that the 38 (or was it 40?) was the size I needed ("that's how it fits me, too," each said). And it might have been the best size for the elbow armor, but, wow--just way too snug across the bust. The next size up was fine, but they thought the armor in the elbows moved a bit too much. So maybe the Dainese brand just isn't for me (5'4", about 110, but C-D bust). I do like the shape of the Alice (based on the video), but it doesn't look like the bust would fit any different. Same thing with the Ignition 2. Really like the look (on the RevZilla vid and based on your blog), don't really want to spend that much, especially because I question the fit. 

The Alpinestars seem to give me a bit more room in the bust. Most of their jackets are way to branded for me, though. 

I've looked at photos/descriptions/videos/reviews of a million jackets. And have been able to try on a few. 

I just stumbled upon the Fieldsheer 3.0. Difficult to tell about fit without seeing it on someone. One reviewer said it was a potato sack.

And I do like the look of the Spidi Netix in white. But I'm not sure, without buying the thermal liner, it will be enough to carry me into the fall/winter/spring in San Diego.

Keep in mind that at your weight and size, your choices are very very limited. If you're 110, and a C/D bust, then you technically are a 40 (they dont offer 38 really) but because your bust is larger than your overall size, you may have to go up to a 42 to accommodate your bust. also, remember that all of the Dainese jackets are shorter across the front on purpose. so make sure that you are checking that fit in riding position, NOT standing or front of the mirror. They're all designed to be more comfortable with arms forward and out, reaching for your handlebars. It's definitely doesn't feel normal, compared to shopping for casual clothes. I think for you, it's partly getting used to this new kind of clothing and adjusting to a fit that's more ideal for riding position. However, that being said I can definitely understand the bust still being too tight because generally speaking, Dainese jackets do not have a very generous fit in the bust if you're larger there proportionally to the rest of your body.

And going up in size for the bust means a looser fit everywhere else. Unfortunately your proportions are backwards for gear manufacturers. You'll have to increase your budget quite a bit as well, $200 for something that fits you is almost impossible except for the Dainese Air Flux at $199. If you can wear a sports bra, I highly recommend doing so for riding because it'll reduce your bust size a bit to help the jackets fit more comfortably. European manufacturers are the *only* ones who make size 0s because American woman are an average size 10-12.

Do not go with the Ignition 2, even a 34 won't work for you. It's a very VERY boxy cut. If you want to keep the fit for the shoulders/elbows/arms, then you'll need to size down to 34 Revit or 40.  I think you may fit a Revit Xena; I know it doesn't fit your aesthetic but you will have to give up one or more of your requirements to get something that actually fits you and will protect you. Unless you start lifting weights and increasing your muscle mass :)

The Revit Indigo is multi layered, a removable waterproof and removable thermal liner. Since it's multi season, you're paying more than $200. It's a fantastic jacket, and will work mostly year round except in extreme heat or cold temps.

Another option, although bust may be too snug in a 38:

You could do 40 in this one, since it runs really narrow. It would probably fit your bust better but still have a slender, fitted cut. (this is the 2014 version of the vika, thus more $)

As far as the Spidi Netix, it's strictly summer so you'll need some sort of windblocker or thermal layer inside to keep you warm through the winter. If you had something like a North Face Windproof Jacket underneath, I could see that working in San Diego. But anything with mesh will allow a lot of wind to go through. I would recommend Spidi's liner, they work really well.

Breaking in new Motorcycle Boots


I recently acquired these cute TCX X-Street Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes so I could have something stylish in this horrible snowy, cold winter we've been having.

I don't plan to ride in them, they're definitely a casual shoe for me. But, I wanted to share my experience breaking these in! It wasn't easy and definitely a little painful along the way. I tried them on and they felt pretty good. A little pressure across the toebox (width wise) but not too bad. I only wore them in the store for a few minutes. But as soon as I put them on the next day to wear to work, I completely forgot about this whole break in thing. (It's been a couple years since I've had to go through this).

And my feet were SCREAMING at me the whole time. 'WHY DID YOU BUY THESE? YOU'RE KILLING US?!' I was worried, a little worried. Okay, *really* worried. But, I knew I had to stick it out. The pressure wasn't so bad that I got bunions or anything, but they were just uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of wearing them. I just assumed that I wouldn't be able to wear them all day and would have to use them as cute, going out shoes. A dinner... a movie.. maybe some shopping.

But after a few weeks (not wearing them every day to work, but at least every couple), they fully broke in and I realized one day that my feet weren't killing me like they used to. These particular shoes were also very very wide in the heel and ran a full size large. I'm normally a Euro 37, US 6.5 but I had to go down to a Euro 36. With such a loose ankle, I realized that I needed to lace them very snug around the ankles. Otherwise my feet would slide forward and smush my foot into the toe box.

As soon as I laced them up nice and tight, it made a Huge difference because my ankles were sitting right where they should be so my feet weren't moving back and forth inside the boots. Remember, you don't want any forward and backward movement of your foot when it's inside the boot. And it's totally normal for your toe to be close to the edge of the toebox as long as it's not pushing forward into the very end as you walk.

I know breaking in gear is a b*tch, but it's SO worth it in the end. Try not to size yourself in the store (when it comes to leather), but size yourself the way you want it to fit a month from now.

More Shopping Tips when searching for Motorcycle Gear

Klim Altitude Jacket, Size 4  

With all the buzz from the new Klim Altitude Dual Sport suit for ladies, I thought you might find these tips useful while looking at motorcycle gear. Especially if you're a woman... but certainly useful for men too.

Aside from my Shopping Rules, these are just a few other tidbits that I share often with customers and thought you might find interesting as well!

Choosing a Brand


Generally speaking, you will want to go with an American company if you have more of a curvy body type. Or if you have shorter arms/legs, broader shoulders / torso, shorter arms or legs, that the American brands will cater to the average American woman, whom is typically a size 12/14.   And for the most part, American brands will offer the most generous fitments with more room in these areas because well, that's where most American women need it.

Conversely, if you are very petite (almost underweight) or very lean/long in the arms, legs and torso then you must go with the European brands. Italians, Germans and Dutch brands dominate the industry with more options if you fall into any of these categories.

These guidelines also apply equally to the men out there too. Long and lean, go Euro. Shorter and more athletic/broad, go American.

Remember, these are general guidelines and certainly exceptions apply to brands such as Rev'it, which actually offer the widest variety of fitments in their collection. 

Sizing your Motorcycle Boots


gaerne_black_rose_womens  sidi_apex_lei_womens

Know your European shoe size. It's pretty much right 99.9% of the time. Go look in your closet right now, find 3 pairs of shoes and see what the European size is. Then see what they say the US size is. I'm betting that the US definitions are all over the place. I've found that you can pretty much associate your casual, European shoe size with any motorcycle boot and you will have a very accurate size to start with. But much like clothing, you will then have to figure out the various fitments between the brands. (And that's where a company like Revzilla comes in to help you sort things out).

Proper Fit

When you step into any motorcycle apparel store, or a dealer that stocks gear, their salespeople should be able to steer you to a particular brand that will fit you first, and then your budget, style preferences, etc. If they have no idea how one jacket fits, vs. another, you will probably end up with something that's too big/long/wide/etc. Or worse, something that won't do it's job quite right if you go down. Fit has a direct connection to safety, and that's in the form of your body armor as far as how it's supposed to sit up against your body: snug, so it won't move and slip sideways off of your body! It also has a direct connection to staying warm, and insulating you from the cold. Any extra space or gaps increases the likelihood that you will be cold because now there's cold air swirling around in that bubble on your chest instead of keeping a nice snug seal against your body.

And that's why I'm here, and why companies like Revzilla exist to help you figure this stuff out. It's not easy (especially the first time), it's a major pain in the ass and can be one of the most frustrating things you've ever gone through in your life.

As I come up with more tidbits, I'll try to update this post. That's it for now, stay tuned for a special Gear Q n' A on Moterrific so we can address some of your specific questions when it comes to gear!

My 1st Motorcycle Gear Seminar Online!

youtube motorcycle gear videos

Ta Da! My first video on YouTube. If you missed the live stream of my seminar earlier this week, now you can watch it on my youtube channel:

Since it was shot using my laptop webcam, it was pretty crummy video, only 480p, hardly high definition. I hope to be able to do it again and with a much better camera and audio. Thanks for watching, feedback is welcome!

What I Do


More often than not, people ask me what exactly it is that I do. I help women like Nicole figure out what gear she needs, what fits, what doesn't and what she should look for as she gets herself back up to a healthier weight. Nicole, you rock and I hope I was able to help point you in the right direction.