Full Textile Motorcycle Suits for Women?

Teiz Womens 1 Piece Motorcycle Textile Suit I Love Reader Questions! This just in from the interwebs:

"Hi Joanne, are there any full textile suits for women? I'm only 5'2", about 130 lbs, my inseam is about 28 or 29. I'd like to try a suit, they look like such a simple solution." -Alison

First off, thank you Alison for writing in!

Teiz Motorsports

There are 2 options for full, 1 piece textile suits for women. The first option above is from Teiz Motorsports. The nice thing about Teiz is that every suit is fully made to measure, to your measurements! I've seen the suits in person myself, and I like what I see. The quality is there and the materials are great. Great body armor options, technical fabrics like SuperFabric.

The nice thing about their suits is that they're a little form fitting and fit especially well for petite body types. Hani (cofounder) the model in the photo is very petite, a little smaller than me and I love how the suit fits her. Here's a link to a blog post I wrote awhile ago, as well as a Facebook thread with some comments about 1 piece v 2 piece.




For awhile, Teiz was the only company offering a full 1 piece, textile suit. But now Aerostitch has one too, as of last year. If you've done any googling on Aerostitch suits, you know how well regarded they are in the riding community. The only thing I am not a fan of with Aerostitch is the fit. It fits like a paper bag, period. I think if you are really slender, especially in the arms/legs, then you will have to make sure they can alter those areas so that the armor fitment is Snug. Since they don't do a full, made to measure suit like Teiz, I would be really careful to pay attention to this.

As far as 1 piece vs 2 piece, I'm a huge fan of 2 piece because simply, they fit better. I am a small person, (5'3", 135lbs). I do NOT like looking heavier/larger than I am. So I opt for form fitting, really tailored 2 piece outfits like this one:

revit legacy goretex womens motorcycle suit

I also prefer to have 2 pieces so I can take my jacket off when I go inside. But that's just me. It depends on how you like your gear to look, fit and function. I also don't mind wearing motorcycle pants inside a restaurant or whatever. I would recommend hard luggage if you want to opt for separates so that you can store your boots/helmet/jacket, etc. in your topbox.

Do whatever works for you, your lifestyle and your budget!

Sadface. Another one bites the dust.

REV'IT Legacy GORE-TEX Women's Jacket and Pants



I am sad. Very sad. It's difficult finding top of the line women's motorcycle gear. Especially finding GORE-TEX motorcycle gear for women.

REV'IT released the Legacy GTX suit in the Fall of 2011. Just 2 seasons ago. I guess they didn't sell enough suits to keep offering this line. Which is really unfortunate. Given the price point, I guess I can't say I'm totally surprised. 

But its really difficult to say exactly why women weren't buying this suit. I've recommended it to quite a few people and I know of 3-5 offhand that purchased it because I recommended it. 

Both piece retailed for a little under $1100 total. Do you know any women who would spend that much on the best motorcycle suit? With the best abrasion resistance, great fitment and the main feature of an integrated GORE-TEX membrane?

Sadly I think most women wouldn't. What women do you know that spend more than $100 on themselves for anything these days? I dont know the answer to that. And I might just be thinking outloud. But I'm getting tired of hearing the same argument, that the women's gear isn't as good as the men's. Well, it WAS. Up until this suit went away. That's what sucks the most. I know that the products are out there and available for women. No, it's not the same number of options yet, for every 1 women's jacket there at least 10 others for men from various manufacturers.

But this is what I've been saying all along to everyone who tries to argue the case that there aren't enough options for women. There ARE. If I opened a store with Every line of women's gear in the shop, I'd probably need a few thousand square feet of floor space, if not more. 

The real problem is that most shops only carry a fraction of what's available. How are women supposed to shop and buy more gear if 'more' isn't there to choose from? And that's the vicious cycle. Yes, the options are all online. But it's nearly impossible, and downright difficult to shop for gear online. Some sites have made a conscious effort to sell women's gear as best as they can, and that's great but not enough. So that brings me to another issue. If there's all these options online and most women are shopping that way, then why didn't this particular suit sell? 

At this point, it has to be price point. But the problem is that you have to really see a suit like this in person to make it worth it. Seeing is believing and especially with more expensive motorcycle suits. It all looks the same online. Until you walk into a store, try it all on and see/feel/touch it for yourself. It works for me more often than not, and that's why I'm able to help so many women who come to Scuderia. You'd never think of jumping online and spending $1,000 until you put that suit on and feel the difference. Doesn't work for me every time, but it definitely does more often than not. 

That's the key to selling more women's gear, more shops must carry more options. But more importantly, shops have to CARE about carrying more options. And they have to be invested in apparel specialists, training, informing and educating their female customers. 

But it's a two way street. If you have all these options in front of you, you must be willing to SPEND more than $100 on your body! Come on, be honest for a minute. When's the last time you spent $500 on One piece of gear? I don't think enough women are willing to spend the $$ on themselves, either. Spending $500 on a new pair of shoes and an iPhone? NO problem. $500 on a helmet or a jacket to fully protect your body? Oh Hell NO. Way too expensive. WTF kind of logic is that? 



What GORE-TEX pants should I buy?

Dainese Womens Goretex motorcycle textile waterproof pantsrevit legacy goretex pants womens

I just got an email from a reader who's trying to figure out which GORE-TEX motorcycle pants to get. 

"Ok so being new to motorcycling a few months ago I bought the REV'IT Ventura pants and Indigo jacket.  I was biking in a freaking downpour up here in Portland (caught heading home) and noticed that i was starting to get cold from the water soaking the outer fabric before it was repelled by the liner.  When it's dry I stay much warmer.  This got me to thinking if I should sell this set and get GORE-TEX gear.  It makes a heck of a drysuit (I'm a whitewater kayaker so is important to stay dry).  :)   Do you think the GORE-TEX is better at keeping one warmer than an additional liner?" 

I'm a HUGE fan of GORE-TEX. I think overall, it's one of the best waterproofing systems available to us as motorcyclists. I've been riding in the REV'IT Legacy GTX two piece and it's simply amazing. The shell features Cordura 1000 denier Ribstop with Teflon coating. Unfortunately, that, along with hip armor is what also pushes the price point higher vs. the Dainese. If you're a 44 in Dainese, you should be 40 in REV'IT pants. I think the Legacy is the ultimate touring outfit given it's versatility. Check out my first impressions on this outfit here. 

There's something about GORE-TEX that is completely different from anything else, especially when it comes to motorcycle gear. It's definitely an investment but well worth it, in my opinion. 


"I was looking at Revzilla sale and noticed the Dianese New Galvestone GTX pants on sale.  I have hips and booty with athletic thighs but nothing crazy.  I fit great in their Firefly(?) leather pants in a 44 (BTW those pants make your butt look really good) so was wondering if you know anything about the Galvestones.  Linda - Portland, OR"

Unfortunately I haven't tried on the New Galvestones in awhile, but the fit is pretty consistent across most of the Dainese line.  I would think that you'll notice a nice difference in warmth and performance vs. the Ventura with these or the Legacy, mostly because the Venturas are a little more curvy friendly and have a trouser fit. Also because the shell doesn't have a lot of windproof/waterproof-abilities built into it. I think if you match up those pants with the Dainese Adina, that outfit would work well.  

I think the advantage to the Dainese outfit is that it'll be a touch leaner and longer, especially with the jacket through the torso and arms. The Galvestone pants will also fit more like a skinny jean with a more tapered leg vs. the REV'IT as well. If you have a longer, leaner frame I'd recommend going this route because the closer the fitment to your body, the warmer it'll be in terms of retaining heat. Whenever you go up in size you're losing heat because of the additional space you're creating between your body and the gear.  If you love the fit of the Firefly's, then you'll definitely love the way their textiles fit. 

I'd also consider a heated vest or liner to ride in the coldest temps possible. You can't go wrong with heated and either of the GORE-TEX outfits from Dainese or REV'IT. That combination will allow you to ride in even colder temps!

GORE-TEX Motorcycle Gear for Women

 GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproofGearChic Dainese Adina

If you ride year round, in a predominantly wet/cold environment, or are always cold, then one of these may be exactly what you're looking for. 

What is GORE-TEX? 


You may already have a windbreaker, rainjacket or snow jacket with one of these membranes. If you do, hopefully you know how great it is at keeping you dry, a little warmer and breathable all at the same time. You should also know that it needs to be cleaned in order to keep working correctly. So if your favorite jacket stopped being waterproof, it's time to toss it in the washing machine!

You should've been given instructions on the care of your garment by the manufacturer. If not, you can go to their website and see what they have to say about the matter. Keep in mind that caring for your GTX gear is crucial to the long term use and reliability of the product. 

As a motorcyclist, GTX is one of the best outdoor uses applied to what we do. Cold, wind, rain and snow are mother nature's way of telling us that we need to really gear up if we expect to arrive to our destination warmly and safely. I think the ultimate combination of this kind of comfort is a heated liner such as a WarmnSafe with a GTX lined jacket. 

As a woman motorcyclists, if you're looking for the *best* jackets and pants to keep you warm and dry this riding season, then you'll want to consider these options from the only companies making GTX gear for women right now.

And if you have any of these items, please post a comment and share your thoughts. 


Dainese motorcycle gear logo

Something that I love about Dainese gear is how well their gear fits. It also feels super light, as if you're not wearing much gear, because everything is designed so well. The pants have a unique fit in that they taper nicely at the knees for a slimmer fit down the leg. If you're vertically challenged, you'll find that their pants may bunch a little behind the knees but because they don't have a wider leg that they may not end up being as long as other brands. Here are the 3 gore options available for women by Dainese: 

Adina GTX Jacket

Dainese Womens Motorcycle Jacket Textile GORETEX waterproof winter

MSRP $469.95
Colors: Black, Black/Red and Black/Gray
Sizes: Euro 40-54 (US 2 -16)
Fit: Longer in the arms/torso. Fits body types with longer waists and small hips. Unfortunately Dainese hasn't really addressed the curvier body type. But it does fit well for tall/slender figures as well as women who are plus size but taller.  

Pictured above, this option from Dainese features the GTX membrane "laminated to the outer fabric provided with water repellence treatment." What this basically means is that there is no removable liner to make the jacket waterproof. However, it does have a removable thermal liner for more warmth. I can't tell you how AWESOME it is when you don't have to add a separate liner to stay dry! GTX also offers the most breathability when it comes to waterproof membranes. 


Adina GTX Pants

dainese womens motorcycle pants waterproof goretex textile

MSRP $299.95
Colors: Black
Sizes: Euro 40-54 (US 2 -16) 
Fit:  I tried these on last winter (below) and they feel super light. Since they have more of a skinny jean feel to them, they dont have the wider leg than some of the trouser fit pants that REVIT and other brands have. Bonus points for having 4 outer pockets that are actually useful. These should be a bit warmer than the Galvestones below. 

Dainese Adina goretex gtx pants jacket motorcycle textile


P. New Galvestone GTX Pants

Dainese Galvestone womens goretex motorcycle textile waterproof pants

MSRP $299.95
Colors: Black
Sizes: Euro 40-52 (US 2 -14) 
Fit:  These should fit much like the Adinas, but I haven't tried them myself yet. I believe they're a little less expensive due to the difference in shell construction (seems like a lighterweight material), no hip armor and a thinner thermal layer. My guess is that these are for moderate winter temps (i.e. Bay Area) vs. the Adinas (i.e. Minneapolis). I have a sneaky feeling that they fit a little different as well.  I'll try to scope them out at the DStore and update this post when I have a chance. 

revit motorcycle gear logo
They have changed so much since I became familiar with the brand ~7 years ago. Last October, the first GTX option was introduced into their line for women. They realize how much the market is changing and that many women are going this route (myself included). The fitment has changed considerably as well.
If you tried to buy their gear 2 or 3 years ago and weren't able to wear it because of the way it fits, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the changes they've since then. Now, the overall fitments are shifting to an American woman's body, with the benefit of European styling, construction and design. A really great combination for many women seeking real gear for their real curves. 
The Legacy jacket and pants are the only offerings so far, but as the market grows, I hope that they'll keep watching and listening to what women riders need and want. 
GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproofrevit legacy goretex pants womens
For more info about this outfit, see my recent blog post here which include my first impressions and more pics. Look for a review on this outfit before end of this month. 

Held motorcycle gloves jacket pants goretex logo

You may or may not know that Held makes some of the best riding gloves on the market. Made in Germany, these gloves are the best of the best. In the motorcycle world, you're either a Held lover you're a Racer lover (I'm the latter).  
Not only does Held make great gloves but they also make great gear. Here's what they have to offer:

Held Davina

Held Davina Ladies goretex motorcycle jacket
MSRP $599.99; on sale for $399.95
Colors: Black, Gray/Red and Gray/Black
Sizes: US M-XXL
Fit: Unfortunately I haven't seen this one in person. If the fit is anything like their men's jackets, and it appear similar, it's a longer 3/4 length than the others above. I'm also going to speculate that the shoulders aren't too narrow but average in terms of width. It looks like they no longer have any XS/S sizes (which I'm not surprised by, given the way average clothing sizes are growing in this country) and the size availability depend on the color options. It doesn't look like they offer any gore pants just yet.

Held Tortona

held tortona goretex womens motorcycle jacket

MSRP $899.99; on sale for $629.95
Color: Black
Size: Small 
Fit: Unfortunately I haven't seen this one in person, but one thing that sets it apart from any of the other jackets, as well as why it's priced so much higher is because it features a GTX pro shell textile, laminate mix. Since I haven't seen one with my own eyes, I can't really say for sure. But I think it sounds comparable to a Klim Latitude Jacket. And, from what I keep hearing, Klim is coming out with a women's line next year. Anyone else hearing what I'm hearing?


That's it for now, let's keep telling dealers and manufacturers what we want/need so we keep getting more options!



First Impressions, REV'IT Legacy GTX Textile Suit for Women

Horizons Unlimited Cambria California 2012 revit legacy ladies Horizons Unlimited Cambria California 2012 revit legacy

Looking for the best 2-piece, textile, women's motorcycle suit, ever? I think we may have a winner. 

GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproof

REV'IT Legacy GTX Jacket
MSRP $549.99
Sizes Euro 34-48



REV'IT Legacy GTX Pants
MSRP $449.99
Sizes Euro 34-48

I just rode in this outfit for the first time last weekend on my way to the Horizons Unlimited Annual CA Traveler's Meetup. 

I've never worn GORE-TEX on my motorcycle until now. All I can say is AWESOME. Simply fantastic. Both pieces of the Legacy feature the breathable, waterproof, windproof material as a layer that is already sewn into inside of the shell so you don't need to zip anything in or out to stay warm or dry. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make you hot! It breathes so well and keeps you comfortable no matter what the external temperature. 

When I left San Francisco last Thursday afternoon, it was ~85 degrees. It was definitely toasty, but between that and my Klim layers, I was super comfortable. It's true, GORE-TEX really does breathe. 

By the time I rode into Cambria, it was 50-55 with windchill. I took Highway 1 south most of the way (which also took 7+ hours) and when you drop into San Simeon, the valley opens up and it gets Cold, fast. The cross winds are horrendous and the marine layer kicks in after sunset. It wasn't foggy, thank god (although there's nothing quite like riding twisties on the side of a cliff in the cold, wet fog, in the dark. Which I haven't done in a few years) but it was windy and certainly chilly at low 50s. Whenever I ride down this way, I HAVE to pull over and layer up, or turn up the heated liner almost all the way in high winds. 

I always suspected that wearing a GORE-TEX lined jacket would block the wind but I had no idea how much. My comfort zone is short, very short. With the Legacy, I was stunned at how comfortable I was.

I've never found any jacket to provide some sort of happy medium for my temperamental self. Until now. 


Stay tuned for a full review after the next rainstorm. I can't wait for it to pour so I can test the waterproof-ability.  


Link to full description and specs


Update 11/5/2012

I experienced a wet ride home last week and was able to do a little bit of rain testing (city riding, ~low 50 degree temps, no wind). So far so good! Came home warm and dry. :) Stay tuned for more updates and a full review. 

REVIT Legacy GTX ladies motorcycle waterproof winter jacket


I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproof

Horizons Unlimited cambria california

REV'IT is sending me the Legacy GTX to test out and review, as well as share with all the women riders coming out to Horizons Unlimited this weekend.

Stay tuned for pics from the road as I ride down to Cambria to meet up with my fellow motorcycle travelers. I'll be giving my gear seminar on Friday at 11:00am. 

Follow me on facebook, twitter or instagram (gearchic) to keep track of my whereabouts this weekend! 

REV'IT Legacy GTX Jacket and Pants

Last year, REV'IT released a new two piece touring/adventure outfit for women, called the Ventura. Before then, they'd had a couple of textile outfits that were certainly travel friendly but not designed and built with the same features you would find on comparable outfits for men like the Sand or Legacy.

This year, REV'IT has introduced a woman's version of the Legacy. They've created this outfit with the ultimate female motorcycle adventure rider in mind.

If you're an avid motorcyclist and plan on logging thousands of miles next year through all of your riding adventures, you NEED this outfit. Or maybe you're just looking for a four season outfit to take you through hot/cold and everything in between.

REV'IT Legacy GTX waterproof textile winter warm motorcycle ladies jacket

Aside from the snazzy adventure riding look, the Legacy has a few very unique features (compared to the other products offered by REV'IT and other manufacturers):

  • Cordura® 1000D ribstop with Teflon® coating
  • GORE-TEX® liner
  • Detachable thermal liner

What I really love is the fact that the GORE-TEX® membrane is attached to the shell (so you dont need put on an extra liner to stay dry!).  Its the one thing I dislike about the Indigo.
The fancy ribstop Cordura is pretty cool too. It actually rips in a zig zag fashion, vs. your typical straight line to slow down the tear.  Although I've only seen the Defender in person, I'm pretty sure that the Legacy also has a much lighter, less bulky feel to it, almost nylon-like.

Now you're probably wondering, how much is a suit like this going to cost me? Well, with all these bells and whistles, you're going to spend roughtly $1,000 for this outfit.  But how much is your body worth?