Don't Date a Girl Who Rides Motorcycles

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In case you didn't know, my awesome friend Cristi aka ADVGoddess and I have a great motorcycle podcast called Moterrific where we chit chat about all things motorcycle related; travel, gear, maintenance, recalls, new bikes, events and more.

Cristi also wrote this killer editorial awhile ago that you must read if you missed it!

Don't Date a Girl Who Rides Motorcycles

And of course, don't forget to catch up on the latest episodes of Moterrific, available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Budget ADV Gear for Men


We've chatted before on Twitter and I listen to your Podcast from time to time. I know you are an expert on motorcycle gear so I thought I'd ask you for some advice.  

A friend of mine was looking for some good ADV pants on a budget and I thought you might be a good person to ask that question. 

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob!

Thanks for your email. I'm thrilled to answer anyone's questions, regardless of gender :)

As far as ADV pants on a budget, how about these various Klim pants on sale? The nice thing about Klim is the construction, Cordura. For less than $100 you can't go wrong with any of these. Hopefully there's something left in his size:

Klim Revolt - $55.38 ; however only sizes 28-30ish are left, these are vented but you can close them if need be. these are designed to be worn over the boots

Klim Mojave - $93.49; only a few sizes left, these are permanently vented for summer riding only, these are designed to be worn over the boots

Klim Chinook - $93.49; again, only a few sizes left, these also have adjustable vents and are designed to wear inside the boots

Olympia Dakar - $189.99; also Cordura construction, which zip away above the knees to turn into shorts!

GORE-TEX Motorcycle Gear for Women

 GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproofGearChic Dainese Adina

If you ride year round, in a predominantly wet/cold environment, or are always cold, then one of these may be exactly what you're looking for. 

What is GORE-TEX?

You may already have a windbreaker, rainjacket or snow jacket with one of these membranes. If you do, hopefully you know how great it is at keeping you dry, a little warmer and breathable all at the same time. You should also know that it needs to be cleaned in order to keep working correctly. So if your favorite jacket stopped being waterproof, it's time to toss it in the washing machine!

You should've been given instructions on the care of your garment by the manufacturer. If not, you can go to their website and see what they have to say about the matter. Keep in mind that caring for your GTX gear is crucial to the long term use and reliability of the product. 

As a motorcyclist, GTX is one of the best outdoor uses applied to what we do. Cold, wind, rain and snow are mother nature's way of telling us that we need to really gear up if we expect to arrive to our destination warmly and safely. I think the ultimate combination of this kind of comfort is a heated liner such as a WarmnSafe with a GTX lined jacket. 

As a woman motorcyclists, if you're looking for the *best* jackets and pants to keep you warm and dry this riding season, then you'll want to consider these options from the only companies making GTX gear for women right now.

And if you have any of these items, please post a comment and share your thoughts. 


Dainese motorcycle gear logo

Something that I love about Dainese gear is how well their gear fits. It also feels super light, as if you're not wearing much gear, because everything is designed so well. The pants have a unique fit in that they taper nicely at the knees for a slimmer fit down the leg. If you're vertically challenged, you'll find that their pants may bunch a little behind the knees but because they don't have a wider leg that they may not end up being as long as other brands. Here are the 3 gore options available for women by Dainese: 

Adina GTX Jacket

Dainese Womens Motorcycle Jacket Textile GORETEX waterproof winter

MSRP $469.95
Colors: Black, Black/Red and Black/Gray
Sizes: Euro 40-54 (US 2 -16)
Fit: Longer in the arms/torso. Fits body types with longer waists and small hips. Unfortunately Dainese hasn't really addressed the curvier body type. But it does fit well for tall/slender figures as well as women who are plus size but taller.  

Pictured above, this option from Dainese features the GTX membrane "laminated to the outer fabric provided with water repellence treatment." What this basically means is that there is no removable liner to make the jacket waterproof. However, it does have a removable thermal liner for more warmth. I can't tell you how AWESOME it is when you don't have to add a separate liner to stay dry! GTX also offers the most breathability when it comes to waterproof membranes. 


Adina GTX Pants

dainese womens motorcycle pants waterproof goretex textile

MSRP $299.95
Colors: Black
Sizes: Euro 40-54 (US 2 -16) 
Fit:  I tried these on last winter (below) and they feel super light. Since they have more of a skinny jean feel to them, they dont have the wider leg than some of the trouser fit pants that REVIT and other brands have. Bonus points for having 4 outer pockets that are actually useful. These should be a bit warmer than the Galvestones below. 

Dainese Adina goretex gtx pants jacket motorcycle textile


P. New Galvestone GTX Pants

Dainese Galvestone womens goretex motorcycle textile waterproof pants

MSRP $299.95
Colors: Black
Sizes: Euro 40-52 (US 2 -14) 
Fit:  These should fit much like the Adinas, but I haven't tried them myself yet. I believe they're a little less expensive due to the difference in shell construction (seems like a lighterweight material), no hip armor and a thinner thermal layer. My guess is that these are for moderate winter temps (i.e. Bay Area) vs. the Adinas (i.e. Minneapolis). I have a sneaky feeling that they fit a little different as well.  I'll try to scope them out at the DStore and update this post when I have a chance. 

revit motorcycle gear logo
They have changed so much since I became familiar with the brand ~7 years ago. Last October, the first GTX option was introduced into their line for women. They realize how much the market is changing and that many women are going this route (myself included). The fitment has changed considerably as well.
If you tried to buy their gear 2 or 3 years ago and weren't able to wear it because of the way it fits, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the changes they've since then. Now, the overall fitments are shifting to an American woman's body, with the benefit of European styling, construction and design. A really great combination for many women seeking real gear for their real curves. 
The Legacy jacket and pants are the only offerings so far, but as the market grows, I hope that they'll keep watching and listening to what women riders need and want. 
GearChic REVIT Legacy, goretex, womens, motorcycle, jackets, textile, winter, waterproofrevit legacy goretex pants womens
For more info about this outfit, see my recent blog post here which include my first impressions and more pics. Look for a review on this outfit before end of this month. 

Held motorcycle gloves jacket pants goretex logo

You may or may not know that Held makes some of the best riding gloves on the market. Made in Germany, these gloves are the best of the best. In the motorcycle world, you're either a Held lover you're a Racer lover (I'm the latter).  
Not only does Held make great gloves but they also make great gear. Here's what they have to offer:

Held Davina

Held Davina Ladies goretex motorcycle jacket
MSRP $599.99; on sale for $399.95
Colors: Black, Gray/Red and Gray/Black
Sizes: US M-XXL
Fit: Unfortunately I haven't seen this one in person. If the fit is anything like their men's jackets, and it appear similar, it's a longer 3/4 length than the others above. I'm also going to speculate that the shoulders aren't too narrow but average in terms of width. It looks like they no longer have any XS/S sizes (which I'm not surprised by, given the way average clothing sizes are growing in this country) and the size availability depend on the color options. It doesn't look like they offer any gore pants just yet.

Held Tortona

held tortona goretex womens motorcycle jacket

MSRP $899.99; on sale for $629.95
Color: Black
Size: Small 
Fit: Unfortunately I haven't seen this one in person, but one thing that sets it apart from any of the other jackets, as well as why it's priced so much higher is because it features a GTX pro shell textile, laminate mix. Since I haven't seen one with my own eyes, I can't really say for sure. But I think it sounds comparable to a Klim Latitude Jacket. And, from what I keep hearing, Klim is coming out with a women's line next year. Anyone else hearing what I'm hearing?


That's it for now, let's keep telling dealers and manufacturers what we want/need so we keep getting more options!



A weekend in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Hwy 89 28

Last weekend, I took my very first solo weekend trip on my motorcycle to meet with the organizers of the Lake Tahoe Adventure Motorcycle Rendezvous

The rendezvous is taking place in August, from the 23rd to the 26th.  I was one of about 9-10 people in the motorcycle community invited that weekend and I had no idea what to expect. It ended up being one of the best riding weekends I've ever had in the 9 years I've been riding.  I grew up going to Tahoe in the winter, skiing since I could I stand. I don't know why it took me this long to figure out that going there in the summer is a fantastic vacation spot. You feel like you're so far away, but you're really only 4 hours from home. The lake is so beautiful and relaxing (pics below), you can't help but stare at it and immediately feel the stress and tension leave your body. I was really sad to leave, but excited that I got the chance to spend some time there, albeit short.    

I took the boring way there (80 East to 50 East), but for me, I had fun the entire time! My first solo overnight adventure. I'd always taken trips with my husband for anything extended but this time, I couldn't bring him with me.  

I didn't want to arrive late or rush getting there, so I took my time and left early, around 11am. It's typically a 4 hour drive in the car, so  figured 6 hours if I stopped for lunch and  couple of breaks. 

I left on Friday morning and my first stop was lunch in Sacramento off 80 East. The traffic was really light so it only took me an hour and a half to get there. 

Oishii Teriyaki Sacramento Lunch

A little protein and some veggies and I was good to go. The weather was a little warm once I got there, but it wasn't that bad.  I wore my Ignition 2 and Gear 2 outfit for the weekend, which worked well for the varying temperatures. A quick stop for gas and I was on my way. I usually average about 60 mph on the freeway, especially in the flats. 

From 80 East, you take the 50 South Lake Tahoe exit, which takes you directly to guess where? South Lake Tahoe. It's the easiest route there. The road doesn't get very fun until you reach Placerville. Then you start to climb the Sierras and ride along the mountains, twisting and turning (lots of medium and large sweepers) until you get to downtown. 

Highway 50 East towards South Lake Tahoe

As soon as I could see the lake, I had to pull over and take a pic. I can feel the relaxation coming! 

My gracious hosts put me in the Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge, the only hotel with a view of the lake from every room. Ahhh. Not only did they have a spa complete with massage packages, but also a lovely pool for the kiddos on site (right below the sand).  They also have condos with kitchens and bbqs outside for larger groups/families. 

South Lake Tahoe Hotel Spa Lake Views 

Lake views South Lake Tahoe

My room was clean and comfy with an excellent view. One thing I'm always worried about are hotels that aren't non smoking. Thank goodness I was on the CA side! Smoking, especially early in the morning makes me nauseous.

That evening, I met up with everyone at a really good restaurant at the Latin Soul Restaurant over at the Lakeside Inn and Casino. The food was surprisingly delicious even with the smoky ambiance. 

Day 1, Saturday

In the morning we rose nice and early to meet for breakfast at 8 at the Red Hut Cafe, a great little breakfast diner that also had a classic ice cream fountain. Carla King and I were the only women that weekend, so we did our best to balance out the testosterone. Lucky guys!

Breakfast Red Hut Cafe South Lake Tahoe

Unfortunately, my morning started out with a flat tire. Thanks Carla, for recording this momentous occasion. :) Instead of plugging it, I decided to slime it since it was more like a slight tear/divot vs. a nail or something that was pluggable. Lucky for me, I found the last bottle of slime at OReillys Auto. In order to insert the slime, you have to first remove the valve stem.  I believe you need a special tool to take it out and luckily one of my comrades had one to do this.  Air starts to spill out and then you just attach the slime tube to the stem and start squeezing the tube. Just a few spins of the tire and the slime gets distributed all over the inside of the tube. If you need to use the slime, you don't want to just let your bike sit there without going for a ride to make sure the slime covers everything.  

I hate getting my hands dirty, so I always keep a pair of latex gloves handy under my seat.  $0.75 into the air/water machine at the gas station and I was able to get her pumped back up and ready to ride.  

After a brief detour, we were on our way, south on Hwy 50 to 89 South. Our first stop, the west fork along the Carson River.  The area reminded me a little bit of Yosemite valley. Someone ordered up the perfect temps and it was with us all weekend. 


Next stop along Hwy 89, a cute little town called Markleeville.  

Carl (our host!) and Mike our ride captain take a break at what used to be the old gas station.

Motorcycles, always making up our own rules. 

Although my fellow motorcyclists mostly rode a mix of standard adventure bikes; KLRs, BMWs, Triumph Tigers and KTMs, Tim from Pashnit and I had our trusty sportbikes to tackle the pavement. I thought this weekend might have too many off road sensibilities, but I was assured by my hosts that there would be plenty of pavement to go around and no need to ride a different kind of motorcycle up there.  No need to worry, for now.

After a brief rest, it was onward to the top of Monitor Pass, along Hwy 89 before 395. This section of road was one of the most pristine, well paved, non tourist driven roads I've ever been on. A nice mix of twisties and sweepers in a beautiful canyon, to the top of one of the highest points in the Sierra Nevada. It's closed in the winter, because of snow but during the summer, it's open for anyone to ride, drive or bicycle. The views were outstanding and the roads were perfect. It reminded me a lot of Mines Road out in Livermore, except that the roads are well paved the entire way, there aren't any suicidal one lane roads and hardly any traffic. I did my best to take some pics on the bike, but my riding while shooting skills leave a lot to be desired.

Heading down the mountain...wheeeeee

My on board camera photos seem to be getting better.  I forgot the GoPro at home, so these were taken with my G12 strapped to my tankbag. The flip around screen on that thing is what sold me. I love the ability to swivel or pivot the screen and take pics at different angles.


A quick picture to capture that delicious road and then onward to lunch! Walker Burger was right along 395 south of Topaz, before the 108/395 junction. What a great find!  Tasty burgers, shakes, fries and even some ice cream on their menu. There isn't much else around 395, so it was the perfect lunch stop.  


After lunch, we headed home the sort of boring route, up 395 to get back to our hotels and what not with plenty of time to relax and clean up before dinner. I think a good alternate would've been to go back the way we came. We left the gas station in Meyers at 10 or so, so it wasn't a really long route, but a good way to go if you want to stop a few times, take scenic photos, stop for lunch and then head back. 

We did however, stop and take a quick detour to get back to 50. I present to you, the infamous Kingsbury Grade (Hwy 207 West). I wasn't sure what to expect from this, as my friend Mike told me that it would be a mostly paved road with some broken pavement. Ok, I can handle that. No problem. It looked a little ominous from the bottom but I thought, it can't be that bad, right?

Yeah, right! Ok, it wasn't an off road trail. There were lots of chunks of pavement, gravel and dirt/sand. I almost wiped out several times, my front tire losing traction and wiggling angrily beneath me.  I don't know how, but I managed to make it all the way up without falling! My new friends were very happy that I made it thru without incident and impressed that I did so well. Hell, so was I. I totally expected to eat it at every corner. We finally made it to the top, sort of. 

Looking back at where I came from:

Unfortunately, the way out meant I had to go a little further and risk it just a little bit more. At this point, I just felt resigned to the idea of falling down. I figured that if I bit it, then at least I have friends behind me to help pick me up.  What you don't see in the next photo is that beyond the curve (and beyond that long patch of dirt), a nice 2-3 foot mound of sand awaits! I do love sand when there's a body of water involved, but not in the way of my motorbike. 


I had no idea how to ride uphill through a pile of dirt like that, so I just opened the throttle and hoped for the best.  Once again, the motorcycle gods were smiling down on me because I had a major front tire wiggle and saw the pavement flash before my eyes. Again, my bike righted itself and rode right through without incident. Maybe I could just add some knobby tires to it and turn it into a dual sport? :) I really wished I had something more useful in this environment, like a KLR or a KTM, but I didn't need it. I did just fine with what I had. It was a little more stressful than fun, but I could see having a blast on something a little more friendly for the dirt.  

After conquering this road, I definitely foresee a dual sport in my future. I don't know how soon, but I think I definitely want one someday in addition to a sportbike.

After a long day, we finally headed back to our hotels to relax a bit before dinner that evening at the Riva Grill on the Lake.  The view was beautiful, the food was outstanding and of course, I was in great company. What a perfect way to end a great day of riding!


Day 2

Unfortunately Day 2 would be a shorter ride since many of us were leaving that afternoon.  We headed North on 89 up the West side of the lake and stopped at the historic Tallac Estates.  They belonged to 3 wealthy families that spent summer vacations there from 1894 to the early 70s. The area reminded me of being on the East Coast, with a beautiful view of the lake. It's a national park, so anyone can visit for the day and take a stroll along the lake. You can't stay there anymore as far as lodging, but the estates are frequently used for private and public events.  




Something about this place was so beautiful, so cool. It made me want to rent a cabin or house on the lake and spend a week there, soaking up sun and enjoying the view.  

After the estates, off we went to Emerald Bay. The road around the lake wasn't crowded, except when we got to some traffic lights in a couple of the small towns. But even then, it was fairly light and not a lot of waiting in traffic.  You're never going faster than 45mph or so, the scenery is fantastic and there's a few gas stops, restaurants, motels and other shops along the way. 

We passed some beautiful rental properties too, so I imagine there are a lot of options for summer vacations.  It just made me yearn even more for a vacation! Aggggggh.  

I think this next stop is Glenbrook Bay, but I can't remember exactly. All I know is it was one of my favorite and most beautiful spots I visited all weekend. 

Alas, this was the last stop before heading home. 

I plan on going back to Tahoe in July for the AMA Conference and then August for the Rendezvous.  I also want to go back for a short vacation with my hubby. We're long overdue for one and this place is right in our backyard. So much to do in one place, great roads and relaxing scenery.

If you don't like casinos/hotels, then stay on the East or North side of the lake for a more remote, relaxed vacation. I think there's something for everyone, on 2 wheels or 4.

I'm so happy I went on this trip, since I really didn't know what to expect and I saw a side of Tahoe that I never got to see growing up. I spent a lot of winters going skiing with my family but we never went there in the summer.  Now I will :)

I met some really nice people and I can't wait to see them next month at the Rendezvous. If you love to ride, then you'll love this event. Hope to see you there.

Huge thanks to my wonderful hosts from the Tahoe Adventure Ride and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority!  

Useful Info:

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Lake Tahoe Adventure Motorcycle Rendezvous -

Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge and Spa -