First Impressions, REV'IT Legacy GTX Textile Suit for Women

Horizons Unlimited Cambria California 2012 revit legacy ladies Horizons Unlimited Cambria California 2012 revit legacy

Looking for the best 2-piece, textile, women's motorcycle suit, ever? I think we may have a winner. 

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REV'IT Legacy GTX Jacket
MSRP $549.99
Sizes Euro 34-48



REV'IT Legacy GTX Pants
MSRP $449.99
Sizes Euro 34-48

I just rode in this outfit for the first time last weekend on my way to the Horizons Unlimited Annual CA Traveler's Meetup. 

I've never worn GORE-TEX on my motorcycle until now. All I can say is AWESOME. Simply fantastic. Both pieces of the Legacy feature the breathable, waterproof, windproof material as a layer that is already sewn into inside of the shell so you don't need to zip anything in or out to stay warm or dry. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make you hot! It breathes so well and keeps you comfortable no matter what the external temperature. 

When I left San Francisco last Thursday afternoon, it was ~85 degrees. It was definitely toasty, but between that and my Klim layers, I was super comfortable. It's true, GORE-TEX really does breathe. 

By the time I rode into Cambria, it was 50-55 with windchill. I took Highway 1 south most of the way (which also took 7+ hours) and when you drop into San Simeon, the valley opens up and it gets Cold, fast. The cross winds are horrendous and the marine layer kicks in after sunset. It wasn't foggy, thank god (although there's nothing quite like riding twisties on the side of a cliff in the cold, wet fog, in the dark. Which I haven't done in a few years) but it was windy and certainly chilly at low 50s. Whenever I ride down this way, I HAVE to pull over and layer up, or turn up the heated liner almost all the way in high winds. 

I always suspected that wearing a GORE-TEX lined jacket would block the wind but I had no idea how much. My comfort zone is short, very short. With the Legacy, I was stunned at how comfortable I was.

I've never found any jacket to provide some sort of happy medium for my temperamental self. Until now. 


Stay tuned for a full review after the next rainstorm. I can't wait for it to pour so I can test the waterproof-ability.  


Link to full description and specs


Update 11/5/2012

I experienced a wet ride home last week and was able to do a little bit of rain testing (city riding, ~low 50 degree temps, no wind). So far so good! Came home warm and dry. :) Stay tuned for more updates and a full review. 

REVIT Legacy GTX ladies motorcycle waterproof winter jacket