12 Days of Winter Deals


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Like this Olympia Expedition Jacket on sale for $267. 

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For Sale: Gently Used Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots, Size 37

10/27/17 SALE PENDING!

These are gently used, barely worn. 

I bought them from a friend who only used them a few times also. 

Read my full review of these way back when I got my first pair. 

Also check out my post about riding motorcycles while short, because I use these along with special insoles to boost my height a little bit as well. 

These normally cost $275.00 new. 


Great Deal on the 2014 Klim Altitude Ladies Jacket

March 2014. Here I am wearing a Small? in the older Klim Altitude GTX ladies jacket. 

March 2014. Here I am wearing a Small? in the older Klim Altitude GTX ladies jacket. 

It's been awhile since I put this one, and I think I was a little heavier back then as well.  

At Revzilla, this jacket used to retail for $589. Now it's on sale for $285! But only in sizes L-3XL. Sorry little ladies, it's only for the curvier girls now. And the fitment is very good for a curvy body type. It does run long however, especially in the sleeves and waist. Perfect for a touring / adventure riding position. 

Shoei Hornet Dual Sport Helmet for Small Heads

  riding in ireland bmw f800gs

If you have a small head, and I mean a *really*small head, now's the time to invest in one of the best dual sport helmets on the market.

For the low low price of $349.99, the Shoei Hornet DS helmet is on sale! Snell rated, Fiberglas shell, lightweight, Pinlock-able, well vented, removable liners and more.

shoei helmet hornet ds crystal white xs xxs dual sport helmet

If I needed a dual sport helmet, this would be at the top of my list. One because it weighs practically nothing (~3.5lbs) and also because Shoeis fit my head really well.  I've never met a man that fit a XS let alone a XXS helmet. There are only a handful of people who need XXS helmets, and it's extremely difficult to find really good ones.

If you fit any Shoei, you should easily fit into this one. Similar to their intermediate oval headshape (so your head from front to back is a bit longer than ear to ear).

As of right now, Revzilla has XS and XXS (DOUBLE Xtra Small!) for the same price in solid colors.

Hurrrrryyyyyyy before they run out!

What's new at the Dainese Store?

Dainese SF Lady Leather Jacket San Francisco photographer motorcycles motoperture

(photo courtesy of Chess Gambit, Motoperture)

Don't you wish you could find a sexy motorcycle jacket that's safe, stylish and fits real women? And on sale?

The Dainese Store San Francisco is having a huge clearance sale right now. Here's a really great jacket if you're looking. Their price is also lower than many websites.

SF Lady Leather Jacket

Sizes: 42-44, 48-50 (per their website)
Reg. $559.95, SALE $392

The photo above is my gorgeous friend, Mandy, wearing her SF Lady. As you can see, Mandy has real curves and is a real woman. The epitome of my tagline; Real Curves, Real Women, Real Gear. (She also knows how to tear up the twisties!).

You're probably wondering what size her jacket is and what size she normally wears in casual jackets. She is wearing a Euro 46 and typically wears a US 12. Hopefully that gives you a sense of how Dainese designs gear so that the proportions are right where they need to be, even if you're not a size 0!

I highly recommend the SF Lady if you're looking for a really great all around jacket for cool/mild weather. Note that it doesn't feature a removable thermal liner, but since it has no perforation or vents, it should be fairly warm.

Dainese SF Lady Leather motorcycle womens Jacket


Sadly the following items are not on sale, I just wanted to share them with you.

Dainese G. Zima GORE-TEX

$499.95 (buy at the Dainese store or online at Revzilla)

Full Specifications Here.
Sizes: Euro 38-50 (wow! they're offering this up to 50. That's about a US 16).
Colors: All black and black/gray option shown below. On Dainese's website they have other colors listed, but it appears that these are the only ones available to purchase right now. 

You may have read my earlier review about REV'IT discontinuing the only GTX outfit for women they've ever offered. :supersadface Thankfully, Dainese is still committed to this effort. By providing one of the few options for women's jackets that offer a fully integrated (meaning, it's non removable and attached to the outer shell so you don't need to insert the liner to stay dry) GTX liner, they continue to stay invested in the women's gear market. I for one, am very very happy to see this jacket in their lineup.

If there's one thing that Europeans do well, it's fitting a woman's body. And motorcycle gear is no different. They really understand proportions and fit. I'm not a pencil shape, so to speak. I have a short, wider torso for my height (5'3") and this fit so perfectly. The material they use on the outer shell for this is called Mugello fabric. It's very forgiving. I could see the fabric allowing for a little extra comfort in the shoulders and across the back.  Goofy photos of me wearing it:

The materials, fitment and overall functionality of the jacket contribute to why it's such a high pricepoint. If you put it on, you'll also notice just how well it fits. Comfortable, functional, safe and a nice design.

Dainese Zima GORE-TEX women's motorcycle jacket waterproof winter 

An added bonus for buying any D-Dry or GORE-TEX waterproof jacket from Dainese (at participating retailers) is that they will give you a FREE back protector! Now through November 17, 2013. Program Details:

Dainese Ixia Boots

Dainese Ixia Boots Waterproof womens scooter city

$249.95 (buy at Dainese Store or online at Revzilla)

Sizes: Euro 36-42 (I seem to be shrinking, and ended up fitting into a Euro 36. I'm typically 7 in casual shoes)

Why is it so hard to find cute, stylish boots with protection? Well, it's a delicate balance of making them stylish but adding protection where you need it without changing the 'stylish' aspect. Even these cuties don't offer incredible protection, but more than anything you'd buy at your favorite department store.

Dainese Ixia Waterproof boots womens tall stylish cute motorcycle scooter

dainese ixia 1

I would totally wear these around town, going to the movies or running errands. They offer soft armor inserts on both sides of the ankle and reinforced toe shifters. I didn't spend a lot of time in them so I can't really say how reinforced they are in the heels/toebox. But it definitely felt like there was some reinforcement, just not as much as say the Dainese Siren. The leather felt really soft too, with lots of calf and ankle space.

These are the perfect boots for anyone looking for boots to wear on their scooter or motorcycle, around town (no freeway, city speeds <40-45mph).

Another Limited Schuberth Sale

schuberth c3w pearl white sale june 2013

Save $100 on a C3 or C3W, until June 30th. 

The sale excludes matte black and is limited to items in stock at your local dealer or at Schuberth. 

You can also save $100 on an SRC system (reg. $429) when you purchase any Schuberth S2 full face helmet. If you have an S2, you neeeeeed the SRC! 

Sadface. Another one bites the dust.

REV'IT Legacy GORE-TEX Women's Jacket and Pants



I am sad. Very sad. It's difficult finding top of the line women's motorcycle gear. Especially finding GORE-TEX motorcycle gear for women.

REV'IT released the Legacy GTX suit in the Fall of 2011. Just 2 seasons ago. I guess they didn't sell enough suits to keep offering this line. Which is really unfortunate. Given the price point, I guess I can't say I'm totally surprised. 

But its really difficult to say exactly why women weren't buying this suit. I've recommended it to quite a few people and I know of 3-5 offhand that purchased it because I recommended it. 

Both piece retailed for a little under $1100 total. Do you know any women who would spend that much on the best motorcycle suit? With the best abrasion resistance, great fitment and the main feature of an integrated GORE-TEX membrane?

Sadly I think most women wouldn't. What women do you know that spend more than $100 on themselves for anything these days? I dont know the answer to that. And I might just be thinking outloud. But I'm getting tired of hearing the same argument, that the women's gear isn't as good as the men's. Well, it WAS. Up until this suit went away. That's what sucks the most. I know that the products are out there and available for women. No, it's not the same number of options yet, for every 1 women's jacket there at least 10 others for men from various manufacturers.

But this is what I've been saying all along to everyone who tries to argue the case that there aren't enough options for women. There ARE. If I opened a store with Every line of women's gear in the shop, I'd probably need a few thousand square feet of floor space, if not more. 

The real problem is that most shops only carry a fraction of what's available. How are women supposed to shop and buy more gear if 'more' isn't there to choose from? And that's the vicious cycle. Yes, the options are all online. But it's nearly impossible, and downright difficult to shop for gear online. Some sites have made a conscious effort to sell women's gear as best as they can, and that's great but not enough. So that brings me to another issue. If there's all these options online and most women are shopping that way, then why didn't this particular suit sell? 

At this point, it has to be price point. But the problem is that you have to really see a suit like this in person to make it worth it. Seeing is believing and especially with more expensive motorcycle suits. It all looks the same online. Until you walk into a store, try it all on and see/feel/touch it for yourself. It works for me more often than not, and that's why I'm able to help so many women who come to Scuderia. You'd never think of jumping online and spending $1,000 until you put that suit on and feel the difference. Doesn't work for me every time, but it definitely does more often than not. 

That's the key to selling more women's gear, more shops must carry more options. But more importantly, shops have to CARE about carrying more options. And they have to be invested in apparel specialists, training, informing and educating their female customers. 

But it's a two way street. If you have all these options in front of you, you must be willing to SPEND more than $100 on your body! Come on, be honest for a minute. When's the last time you spent $500 on One piece of gear? I don't think enough women are willing to spend the $$ on themselves, either. Spending $500 on a new pair of shoes and an iPhone? NO problem. $500 on a helmet or a jacket to fully protect your body? Oh Hell NO. Way too expensive. WTF kind of logic is that? 



REVIT Ignition 1 Womens Jackets

revit womens leather motorcycle jacket pants gear 2 ignition 2

Ahh memories. REVIT's Ignition jacket is one of the best jackets on the market for women riders. On the right, my friend is wearing the previous generation Ignition. And I just found 2 for sale on Craigslist for $300 or less! 

These are hard to find because they've updated it with the version I'm wearing on the left. If you've read my reviews of both, you know that the previous generation had a VERY different fitment. For those of you who are long and lean and Not very curvy, this is the perfect jacket. It's also impossible to find a hybrid like this with this body type. 

Many Dainese textile and leather jackets do have a long and lean profile but not quite like this. I just found two on Craigslist! 

One is size 38 (~US 4) for $300 in SF (which I'm wearing in my review): 

One is size 40(~US 6)  for $250 in Oakland:

Whoop. Jump on these if you can, because I don't think they're going to be around for long....