For Sale: Gently Used Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots, Size 37

Buy Me!


These are gently used, barely worn. 

I bought them from a friend who only used them a few times also. 

I just can't break them in fast enough to fit like my original pair. :( My old ones are SO much loser. Ugh. 

I'm also going to try upgrading to some Dainese Torques in 38 to see if I can make them work on my weird feet. 

They don't fit me perfectly so I'm sizing up to 38 but I'm going to give them a try because I really do like the extra ankle support they offer. 


More Pics of the Sidis above, I'm asking $150 plus shipping:

My original pair have lasted me 5 years, they wear extremely well and I love them to death. 

Email me if you want them or having sizing/fit questions. 

Also check out my post about riding motorcycles while short, because I use these along with special insoles to boost my height a little bit as well.