Hitting the Apex, Philadelphia

If you're a fan of the Faster documentary series, then you definitely want to see this. The latest from Mark Neale (also the director of Faster) is Hitting the Apex, narrated by Brad Pitt. Maverick Moto Media is trying to bring this movie to Philly by setting up a screening in Center City on Tuesday November 17th at the Landmark Ritz Five Theater. 100 Tickets must be pre purchased in order for it to happen. If they don't sell 100, it won't happen and your credit card won't be charged. So sign up now!


And what's sexier than hearing Brad Pitt talk to you about motorcycles? :-)

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Hopefully you've already watched On Any Sunday. WHAT? You haven't? Whyyyyy not? It's one of the most iconic motorcycle movies of all time! And it shares a ton of history and famous names in motorcycling that you may not be aware of. Go check it out.

It sounds like this movie will be released this Fall. I can't wait!

Motorcycle Gift Idea, Faster Ultimate Collection

faster motorcycle movies fastest

It doesn't matter if you like cruisers, dirtbikes, sportbikes, cars, tractors or bicycles. This series will simply keep your eyes glued to the tv for 5-6 hours repeating the word wow over and over again.

There's something about watching motorcycles racing at 200mph that makes everyone say 'whoa. If you haven't seen this series, you're missing out. If you know someone who appreciates action sports and risky dayjobs, they're going to love this series too.

This series breaks down the world of international motorcycle racing, how crazy dangerous it is and the small group of men who keep coming back year after year, injury after injury to do it again. You'll also meet the incredible Valentino Rossi (Italian), the motorcycle superstar who's won (and lost) MotoGP many times over; the few Americans that have competed in and won/lost races at MotoGP.

The only place I found this box set online was Not bad for $33.95 plus shipping.

Who Wants a Purple Ducati Panigale?

They're making a sequel to the movie Kick Ass. Apparently, Hit Girl rides a matching purple Ducati (just for the movie) in this one. And a matching one piece with some crummy armor attached. Why couldn't they get Dainese to make her one instead?  

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Would you buy a purple motorcycle? I'm still trying to decide.....