Do We Want Jade or Pink Dirtbike Gear?


Thor's 2014 Motocross women's dirtbike collection includes the Phase Kit Tilt outfit, which includes a jersey, gloves and pants. I'm not a dirty girl yet, but if I were I would totally wear either of these outfits. Two color options including Navy/Jade and Black/Pink are available. Which one do you like? Which one would you choose? I actually like both color sets. I think the pink one appeals to me because of the way they incorporated the pink. Not too loud or annoying, just a few accents and logos. I am partial to magenta/pink and do HATE the light, baby pink options. I'm also a fan of richer colors like navy/turquoise/purple. The jade is more like a light green in my eyes, so maybe that's why it doesn't bug me. Which outfit would you choose?



On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Hopefully you've already watched On Any Sunday. WHAT? You haven't? Whyyyyy not? It's one of the most iconic motorcycle movies of all time! And it shares a ton of history and famous names in motorcycling that you may not be aware of. Go check it out.

It sounds like this movie will be released this Fall. I can't wait!