New Motorcycle Boots from Sidi for Women

Sidi X-3 Boots

Sidi X-3 Boots

I know, I know. Blue, Pink, White? 

Well, I guess change is slow. The good news is these are real race level, offroad boots for women. That means more ankle support (lateral) and protection just like the men's version. That means they're offered in a size Euro 39 (~US women's 8.5) which I'm sad to see because they really need to offer 36, 37 and 38 (~US 6-8 which are the most common women's shoe sizes when it comes to motorcycle boots in addition to 39. I hope they read this and reconsider adding those core sizes.

If you do have smaller feet, and need a 6-7.5ish, then I would recommend these Sidi Stinger Youth Boots ($250) instead:


They don't offer the hinged lateral support at the ankles, but they certainly offer great impact protection in all the key areas (toes, heels, shins, achilles heel) and those fantastic stitched soles. I also like that the toebox is less bulky. Dirtbikes seem to have teeny tiny foot pegs, so I can't see how a really thick boot would work very well. 

Another boot that they just released is a touring boot called the Gavia Gore-Tex ($250):

The Gavia boots are a solid touring boot, with a Gore-Tex membrane. They've never offered women's boots with Gore-Tex, so this is definitely a first. I love Gore-Tex, if it's a waterproof piece of clothing that I own it has to be Gore. I love the breathability, added wind protection, and versatility in varying temperatures. At $250, they're a fantastic option.

If you're looking for a boot to add insoles to, Sidis are pretty roomy around the instep (but my feet are just that effed up). 

Thank you Sidi for offering more options to women riders! 

Gear 101: What is Lorica?

Lorica Synthetic Leather

Lorica is synthetic leather. Manmade, and completely artificial! 

"Lorica is a hi-tech material created from a remarkable combination of extremely thin microfibres.  This interlacement of microfibers, soaked in special resins, has a microporous structure which is very similar to the collagen of natural skin.  This gives Lorica excellent softness, durability and breathability." -Sidi Care Brochure

Sidi, like many other brands such as Alpinestars and Dainese are incorporating Lorica in their street and race motorcycle boots.  You can't really tell the difference, as they look and feel just like boots made of cowhide. I would never know the difference just by looking. 

For some reason, I thought that Lorica wouldn't stretch out as much as cowhide, but it seems the opposite is true. 

In reviewing the Fusions, I found that they stretched out quite a bit. I'm looking forward to breaking in a new pair of Vertigo Leis, to see how much they give and perform, especially under hotter riding conditions. 


Overpants, Vegan Gear, Gloves

Overpants: So I finally got those MotoGP pants from New Enough. Sadly, they are a *little* too small on me right now. Even if I lost a few more pounds, I don't think I'd wear them. They are decent, come with knee armor and zip from hip to toe. And they were an amazing deal thru NE. I'm a size 4 in pants, but these fit more like a 2-4 as an overpant. I doubt I'd be able to wear them as pants with the liners in. So, I'll probably end up ordering the Olympia Pro Max pants in a size 6. Much more comfortable and they aren't very bulky, imo. Someone did recommend the Joe Rocket Alter Ego overpants to me, but I wonder how strong the textile is compared to Olympia. It's sad, but the girl in me likes the gray squiggly pattern above the butt. However, the gearchic in me likes the construction, inseam, adjustable armor position and comfort of the Olympia's.

Vegan Gear: Awhile back I posted about Vegan Motorcycle Gloves. I found another pair sold through

Kevlar Racing Glove, $129 US:

I'm going to try and build a better listing of Vegan gear options on my Directory page, so please keep checking back. Or, if you have any recommendations you'd like to make, please post a comment here.