Overpants, Vegan Gear, Gloves

Overpants: So I finally got those MotoGP pants from New Enough. Sadly, they are a *little* too small on me right now. Even if I lost a few more pounds, I don't think I'd wear them. They are decent, come with knee armor and zip from hip to toe. And they were an amazing deal thru NE. I'm a size 4 in pants, but these fit more like a 2-4 as an overpant. I doubt I'd be able to wear them as pants with the liners in. So, I'll probably end up ordering the Olympia Pro Max pants in a size 6. Much more comfortable and they aren't very bulky, imo. Someone did recommend the Joe Rocket Alter Ego overpants to me, but I wonder how strong the textile is compared to Olympia. It's sad, but the girl in me likes the gray squiggly pattern above the butt. However, the gearchic in me likes the construction, inseam, adjustable armor position and comfort of the Olympia's.

Vegan Gear: Awhile back I posted about Vegan Motorcycle Gloves. I found another pair sold through

Kevlar Racing Glove, $129 US:

I'm going to try and build a better listing of Vegan gear options on my Directory page, so please keep checking back. Or, if you have any recommendations you'd like to make, please post a comment here.