Reader Question: Are My Motorcycle Boots Too Big?

Hi There,

I'm in the market for my first pair of official motorcycle boots. I commute 60 miles a day on my 07 BMW F800ST which has very cramped footpegs. I have narrow feet with med/big arches. My budget is around $200-240 max.

It was suggested to me by several people to get the Sidi Fusion boots as they tend to run narrow unlike some other sidi boots. I couldn't find them anywhere locally, and I had a $140 store credit for cycle gear so i ordered them from the cyclegear website. I went ahead and ordered a size 45. The fit: The boot feels a tad bit loose, and it feels like my feet slide forward in them which cramps my toes. I slapped my FAVORITE insoles in (Sofsol Airr) and it tightened the boot up nicely, but then my toes were so cramped they now get tingly. Should I trade them in for a 46? Do i need to go to a different boot? Help! Love your podcast and always love to hear your feedback.



Hi Kyle,

I would definitely recommend a completely different brand for you. Sidis can run narrow in the toe box, but not everywhere else as your experience is showing you (heels, ankles). The reason your toes are smashing into the toe box is probably because the heel and ankle area isn't pulling your foot back enough to keep them out of the toe box. I have the same issue with my Sidis as well. Unfortunately my feet are so small that they don't make a size small enough!

My recommendation would have been anything from Dainese. Unfortunately you will have to spend just a little more to find something that fits in your budget. Dainese is the only brand that has this type of narrow overall fit everywhere:

  • Dainese Giro-ST Boots: $259.95 These are identical to the protection you have on the Sidi Fusion boots, the fit is completely different.

For the price I think these would work really well for what you are trying to accomplish. Although they're a slightly larger investment I think you'll be *very* happy with the result. I would recommend a size 45.

Update 11/23/2014

Kyle wrote me back with an update!

So I went into cycle gear to order your suggested boots and they said they would give me the TR-Course Out for $5 less than the others. Got them for $250! Holy moley they feel great!!! Way overkill for my commute but I'm not complaining!

Dainese TR-Course Out Boots narrow feet

Sidi Motorcycle Boots for Women, 2012

The 2012 women's motorcycle boot collection from Sidi is out.  1 boot has been updated and there are 2 new additions to the line.

Vertigo Lei - Available now

Nothing has changed from the previous model, except NO more pink! Instead, they've updated the Lei with a nice modest black and white design. Personally, I think it's a great color update.

Livia Rain - Available January 20, 2011

The Livias are replacing the Jasmines, with an updated design and funny little bumps above your toes to improve grip when shifting.  They've also added some reflective material where you see what appears to be white fabric.

Sidi Fusion - Available March 8, 2011

The Fusions are a new boot that provide more protection than the Livias but not as aggressive as the Vertigo Leis.

The fit hasn't changed from any of the previous models, and their European size is pretty consistent. I'm typically a Euro 37 and the previous Vertigo Leis (pink/black) fit me great except in the calves.  Since they have an adjustable calf system, I think it's just me. :(

It's nice to see these updates from Sidi. They make great boots and offer so many options for men, I can't wait to try one of these out in person.

Update 1/10/2012 - I'll be getting a pair of these to review from Motonation soon!