New Review! Held Women's Touch Summer Gloves

A summer glove review in the winter? Why Not? 

I'm a little behind on this review, but if you're shopping for next season, or plan on riding somewhere tropical for the holidays, then check out my review of these awesome summer gloves.

New Dainese Women’s Motorcycle Gear for Spring


Dainese launched a few new products worth mentioning in its latest Spring 2016 Women's collection. Here are my favorites. 

Veloster Perforated Leather Jacket

This jacket has a great sport fit to it, without being too aggressive for street riding. It features a removable, long sleeve thermal liner so you can make this work most of the year depending how mild your winters are.  Lucky you! :-(

For those of us on the East Coast, this would definitely be a Spring/Summer/Fall Jacket. Even the toasty thermal liner wouldn't cut it in the middle of February!

I tried this one on and I really loved it. It reminded me of my Dainese Cage jacket,  which has a more relaxed fit from other women's Dainese Jackets. It's too bad my closet is already overflowing with leather.... #firstworldproblems.

Veloster 2 Piece Women's Race Suit $999.95

This suit comes in 2 pieces, both in the size that you choose. It isn't a new suit, but hot damn it's HOT! I just had to mention it. It also comes in 2 more colors including less red and more pink (for the few pinks fans out there)

! If there's one thing Dainese knows how to do, it's designing motorcycle gear. Why am I sweating so much right now? If I needed a 2 piece, I'd run out and get this one. Too bad I have tooooo much gear in my closet. The only downside to buying a set like this is if you are different sizes on top or bottom, then you're stuck. But the good news is you could always buy the Veloster jacket, and then buy Delta Pro Evo (race fit) or Pony Pants (street/touring fit)!


Women's Torque D1 Out Boots

$389.00 I wrote a blog post about these boots earlier this week, check it out!




Carbon D1 Long Gloves

$179.95 THANK YOU again Dainese, for adding Palm Sliders to these gloves which the mens version had previously! Some brands like Olympia and REV'IT has always made the women's gear equally as protective as the mens versions, but some brands are still catching up. These are also offered in 2 more colors as well. Whoop!



As you may or may not know, Palm Sliders are *really* important for street riding, because the minute you fall down you will almost always put your hands out in front of you. And if you're moving, now you're tearing through the leather on your palms. These are also available in a shorter version, which I don't recommend unless you're wearing them with a Dainese jacket, because the elbow armor guards extend almost down to the wrist.

You can check out the rest of the items in the Dainese Spring 2016 Women's Collection on!

Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets in White


So you're shopping for a sexy leather jacket. But you HAVE to have a white one. I know you're out there, even though there aren't many of you. White isn't as common, although I have found that riding in my white leather jacket in 90+ degree temps that it works *really* well. There may not be 10 to choose from, but here are a the ones that you should check out!

Most of these are certainly more on the sporty side. But remember, you can wear *anything* you want on *any* kind of motorcycle you want. It doesn't matter. It comes down to what's comfortable for you, what works best for your riding lifestyle and overall comfort on the bike in riding position.

Dainese - Laguna Evo Perforated 

MSRP $499.95. Sizes 40-54 (~US 2 - 16). What's really fantastic about this jacket is that it comes in a Non-Perforated version! It's exactly the same, but without perforations for cooler weather. There aren't any other brands in my list that offer 2 versions of the same jacket. I also love that it comes with a removable, full sleeve thermal liner (in both versions). So you can push it to Fall (East Coast), or year round riding (West Coast).  The fit is fantastic, a nice hourglass shape that looks beautiful on everyone. *If* I needed another leather jacket, this would be near the top of my list.




Dainese - Racing 

MSRP $599.95. Sizes 40-52 (~US 2 - 14). I LOVE this jacket. If only I *needed* another one. She's definitely #1 at the top of my list. Something about this jacket when you put it on makes you feel SO fast (and hot!). It's probably the best women's leather jacket on the market right now, fully ready for the track with the titanium sliders on the shoulders and aggressive race fit. The sleeves run a bit long and the length is a longer as well. I can actually fit a size down in this to a 40. I'm normally a 42.



Rev'it - Galactic

MSRP $499.95. Sizes 34-46 (~US 2 - 14). Read my review of the Galactic including features, fit and what it has to offer for summer riding. It's my all around summer jacket, I love it and you will too!

revit galactic womens leather jacket


Rev'it - Xena

MSRP $449.99. Sizes 34-44. The Xena is Rev'it's sporty leather jacket for women. The fit is a nice hourglass shape, not too long and not too short. It has a few perforations here and there, and it has a fantastic matching pant. The only downside is the pant is also white with Kawi green. (Sorry Honda, Aprilia and Ducati gals!) This outfit in a 38 (top and bottom) fit me perfectly. I'm normally 36 in Rev'it but this outfit is running a bit narrower than usual.  Of course, I really love this one too and would love to have it in my closet as well. But the husband will kill me....

revit_xena_womens_motorcycle_summer_leather_jacket revit_xena_womens_motorcycle_summer_leather_jacket_back

Alpinestars Stella GP Plus 

MSRP $499.95. Sizes Euro 46-50 (~US 12-16). I like the flat collar the aggressive cut. It fits really well if you have an average  - short torso. I love the fit, not too long and not too short. Very light for summer riding. It has a few perforations but it isn't heavily perforated. The stretch panels help with breathability but it'll definitely be toasty in really hot summer temperatures. I fit perfectly into a Euro 40. Unfortunately the matching bottoms aren't white.


Roland Sands Design - Maven

MSRP $580, Sizes S-3XL. The Maven isn't flat white, but it's cream. Quite lovely in person, really. The Maven is great if you're looking for a casual, cafe style jacket that you can fully armor out. The fit is a bit tough in the bust, so if you need a bit more room there I would order up a size. This one also comes in 3 other colors including Oxblood red.




My Favorite Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Summer


A couple weeks ago I posted my favorite summer textiles, but here are some leather options if that's what you need this summer. All of these have perforation or breathability of some kind to get you through the heat. Of course, remember to always wear your favorite full sleeve hot weather baselayers with any of these recommendations!

Keep in mind that even perforated leather won't save you if it's 90-100 degrees, especially with humidity. These are probably more useful to those of you on the west, or southwest where summers are a bit more bearable. Or for mild temperatures, between 70-80 degrees. The summer leather jacket that I wear is also listed below, with a link to the review so you can see how well she did in 90-100 degree dry California heat.

I know there aren't very many options for us when it comes to leather, especially perforated/ventilated ones. Hopefully one of these will work well for you.

dainese logo

Laguna Evo Perforated

$499.95 MSRP, 4 colors, Euro sizes 40-54 (~US2 - 16)

First up, the white jacket above by Dainese. Don't worry, it's also available in black. Aside from all the lovely perforation you can see on the chest and the back of the jacket. The entire surface isn't perforated, but key panels on the chest will provide airflow. Fitment wise, it's your classic hourglass, with a length below the waist. The bust isn't that generous, so if you have a larger than average bust size for your height/weight, then you may want another one the options below. I would still wear a Euro 42 (US 4), but the chest space is definitely a bit snug for me, it doesn't fit anything like the now discontinued Cage.


GP Plus R

$399.95 MSRP, 2 colors, Euro sizes 38-50 (~US 0 - 12)

The GP Plus R also has a typical hourglass fit, but starts down at a full size smaller than the Laguna Evo.  I like how this one fits, not too slim, not too broad. If you have a fairly proportionate body type, then this should fit well. The length is nice, also sits right above the hip. I'd say it has a more generous bust fitment. If I needed another leather jacket, this would be one of my top choices. There is no removable liner with this one.


alpinestars_stella_gp_plusR_womens_perforated_leather_jacket alpinestars_stella_gp_plusR_womens_perforated_leather_jacket_back





$499.95 MSRP, 2 colors, Sizes Euro 34-46 (US 2-14)

The Galactic is my favorite and current summer leather jacket. Ventilated with a removeable waterproof liner. Read my full review here.

revit galactic womens leather jacket

Ignition 2

$499.99 MSRP, 2 colors, Sizes Euro 34-46 (US 4-16)

The Ignition is a relaxed, touring / sport touring fit with a more generous and curvy fit. Read my full review here.



$449.99 MSRP, 3 colors, Sizes Euro 34-44

The Xena is the sportiest option for those of you looking for a full race cut leather jacket. This one has a smaller than average fit, I usually wear a 36 in Rev'it and I needed a 38 for this one to accommodate my bust (37").



RS Taichi GP-WRX Gloves

Thanks to MotoLiberty / TaichiMoto, I'm going to be reviewing these gloves, just in time for summer:

I know, I know. You're thinking, but those aren't summer gloves! Well, there's perforation on the top of the wrist as well as between the fingers. They aren't lined and feel like second skin. What I like the most so far, is how well they articulate. As soon as you wrap your hand around the handgrip, they feel like they were sewn on your hands in that position. Ideally, that's what you're looking for in terms of fit.

I have a feeling they'll break in quickly, given how soft and supple the leather feels. The pinky and 4th fingers are not sewn together, which many race gloves have as a feature. I wonder why they excluded that from these particular gloves. I'm guessing they are trying to reach a street rider, vs. a track  / racer.

I'm anxious to take them for a spin tomorrow to see how much cooler they are in comparison to my other gloves, given the fact that they have more perforation.

What's that saying? Oh yeah, I'd Rather Sweat than Bleed! I'm sure many of you are used to not wearing gloves in the summer, or if you do, it's typically a shorty glove with no wrist protection.  Living in San Francisco and riding in the Bay Area, these gloves are perfect for the different microclimates we live through.  I have one pair of full leather, fully perforated gloves, which I hardly ever wear. Not because I don't ride in the heat, but because I'd rather have the complete protection that my fully gauntleted, full leather gloves provide me (currently Racer High Ends), even in 90+ degree heat in Sonoma County in July.

There are so few options on the market for race gloves for women.  If you're considering a pair, I urge you to add these to your list.  The fit of most RS Taichi gear is on the petite side (think small Japanese men), and with these gloves, unfortunately they only make one Women's size, which they call size Lady's. Not small or xsmall, just Lady's. I'd have to guestimate that they are a 6.5-7.0 (Xtra Small/Small), based on the comparison of fit with Held gloves.

And yes, they're a little power rangerish, some might say, but they certainly add a level of visibility that I do not currently have with my gear, as it is all black (except for my helmet).

Stay tuned for a full review.