Women Rule the Motorcycle World

Jennifer Bromme, Owner at Werkstatt SF

At least in the San Francisco Bay Area anyway :) Did you know that all of these local shops are owned or managed by cool women who ride? Let me know if I missed any...

Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle San Francisco Scuderia West

Crystal Gurr, Owner at Scuderia West/SF


mission motorcycles daly city

Wendy, Owner at Mission Motorcycles/Daly City


Aleks (right), Owner at Moto Shop/South San Francisco 


helimot fremont custom leathers

Linda, Owner at Helimot/Fremont 


dainese san francisco nicky hayden

Shelli B. (2nd from the right) with Nicky Hayden, Store Manager at Dainese San Francisco


We're also lucky to have so many women involved in the motorcycling community in one way or another, such as:

And so many friends of mine who are actively involved in track days, road racing, clubs, organizations and more.

The Bay Area is definitely one of the best places in the world to be a woman and ride a motorcycle. 


Motorcycle Gift Idea, Moto Shop Gift Card

  heated grips installation south san francisco bay area moto shop sv650

(There I am installing my sexy Oxford Heated Grips. Ooooooo heat) 

If you've never heard of Moto Shop, go Now! 

Moto Shop is the first do-it-yourself motorcycle shop in South San Francisco, CA. All you need is to ride your motorcycle or scooter into the shop and they will have almost everything you need to fix or spruce up your bike. Stations can be rented hourly, daily or monthly. 

bay area moto shop

Mechanics are also available to help you (but not do the work for you) depending on the nature of your repairs. They also have a ton of classes for you to learn everything from adjusting the sensitive valves on your Ducati to changing your own oil (sooo easy and so cheap to do yourself!)

Pick up a gift card today for your favorite motorcycle or scooter enthusiast. See all the pricing options here