Gear Seminars

Update! Next seminar is scheduled for April 22, 2012 *ladies only*. Click here to register.

This afternoon I spent a couple hours with 3 cool women at the Moto Shop for a hands on gear seminar. With samples provided by my friends at Scuderia West, we had a good variety of pants, jackets, gloves and boots for everyone to try on.

We spent almost a couple hours going over the different types of gear, the differences between touring fit and sport fit and what to look for given their specific riding needs. We also went over everyone's fit issues and figured out what worked and what didn't.

Instead of throwing up my usual powerpoint slides, (which I do for larger motorcycle shows and events) we went over my shopping tips, and tried on every piece of gear from head to toe to compare the differences in fit, form and function.

I think they walked away understanding what fits them, why they should invest a little more money to wear better gear and what to look for the next time they go shopping.

I'll be scheduling more seminars at the shop, hopefully on a monthly basis. Check my Events list to the right or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified.

I would also love to come to your house and bring a boatload of gear with me if you and a few friends can't make it to the seminars on the dates scheduled. Just drop me a line if you're interested in something like this. :)