Recommendation for Short Women's Motorcycle Pants

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Reader Kim V. from Boston wrote me asking for recommendations for pants that would work year round.

The Ventura pants by REV'IT are my #1 favorite option, also given her size and body type. (US 10, wider torso, 28" inseam) For Kim I'm going to recommend a size Euro 40 or 42, depending on how her measurements work out next to the size chart. Go with the size that accommodates your largest measurement.

They're extremely versatile, given the 2 removable layers. They're also available in short, standard and long lengths. The knee armor is also adjustable! Also, remember to try on any pants while in riding position since the knees will move up considerably depending on the riding position.

Check out my full review here!

Plus Size Jacket and Pants

My friend Chris needed some help finding gear. She met me at Scuderia the other day and we got her dressed! She's a ~US 10 on top and ~US 14 on bottom and has a 31" inseam.  Her immediate needs were a pair of boots and riding pants.  She's making the transition from a cruiser to a dual sport bike (woo hoo!), with an upright riding position. But she also likes to borrow her man's sportbike and wanted something that would be comfortable on that bike too.

Chris is a real woman with real curves and she needed real gear. She wanted protection in the knees and hips, no mesh/ventilation (since she's commuting on the freeway) and enough room in the hips and her inseam. Although we couldn't get her into the Ventura pants like I wanted, we did get the unisex Horizon Pants, XXL Standard (see photo gallery) on her and they fit perfectly.

What Fit?

The Horizon in XXL (standard length) were perfect (see photo gallery). As you can see, they fit her real curves nicely. The inseam is just right, the armor fell at the knees in the right place (although they are adjustable). They also come in standard, short and long.  They don't have full length zippers, so they're supposed to be worn as pants. You could wear them as overpants without the thermal liner. You'd just have to take off your boots every time you needed to change in and out of them. Chris is wearing them over jeans in these photos.

  REV'IT Motorcycle Pants REV'IT Motorcycle Pants

Unfortunately the Ladies Tornado 46 was a little too tight (without the thermal liner, over jeans), so we tried the men's 48 (over jeans, without the thermal liner). The rise (bottom of the crotch to top of the waistband) was way too short so she couldn't even get them on comfortably.

We also figured out that the Horizon and Axis had the best female fit, meaning a slightly higher rise in the waist, room in the hips and thighs but a nice tapered fit at the knee.  The problem with the Axis was that the legs didn't taper enough at the knees and just weren't as protective and fully featured as the Horizons.

The Jackets

Although she didn't leave with one of them, here are two jackets that she tried on.  Unfortunately I didn't have other colors in her size so you can see the difference between the two. She's wearing size 42 in both which translate to a 14-16 or L/XL.  They're very similar, but slightly different in terms of price point and features.

The one one the left is the Ventura. Read my review here. The one on the right is the Indigo (also available in hi viz). The Indigo doesn't have some of the features of the Ventura, and it's also a little bit longer in the torso and falls below the hips.

Both of these would be great options for commuting, touring or everyday riding.

  REV'IT Indigo Ladies Motorcycle Jacket 

REV'IT Legacy GTX Jacket and Pants

Last year, REV'IT released a new two piece touring/adventure outfit for women, called the Ventura. Before then, they'd had a couple of textile outfits that were certainly travel friendly but not designed and built with the same features you would find on comparable outfits for men like the Sand or Legacy.

This year, REV'IT has introduced a woman's version of the Legacy. They've created this outfit with the ultimate female motorcycle adventure rider in mind.

If you're an avid motorcyclist and plan on logging thousands of miles next year through all of your riding adventures, you NEED this outfit. Or maybe you're just looking for a four season outfit to take you through hot/cold and everything in between.

REV'IT Legacy GTX waterproof textile winter warm motorcycle ladies jacket

Aside from the snazzy adventure riding look, the Legacy has a few very unique features (compared to the other products offered by REV'IT and other manufacturers):

  • Cordura® 1000D ribstop with Teflon® coating
  • GORE-TEX® liner
  • Detachable thermal liner

What I really love is the fact that the GORE-TEX® membrane is attached to the shell (so you dont need put on an extra liner to stay dry!).  Its the one thing I dislike about the Indigo.
The fancy ribstop Cordura is pretty cool too. It actually rips in a zig zag fashion, vs. your typical straight line to slow down the tear.  Although I've only seen the Defender in person, I'm pretty sure that the Legacy also has a much lighter, less bulky feel to it, almost nylon-like.

Now you're probably wondering, how much is a suit like this going to cost me? Well, with all these bells and whistles, you're going to spend roughtly $1,000 for this outfit.  But how much is your body worth?