REV'IT Ventura Ladies Jacket and Pants

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First Impressions

Euro 38 - Jacket Euro 38 Standard - Pants Color - Silver/Dark Blue/Light Blue

When I first tried on this outfit at Scuderia West, I was thrilled that one of my favorite gear manufacturers had made something a little more adventure/touring/hardcore commuter oriented than the previous textile outfits that I had seen from them before.

The cut and fit on this outfit is also very different from what I've traditionally seen from REV'IT in jackets such as the Siren (soon to be replaced in Winter 2012, stay tuned for details!). It definitely has a curvier fit to it, especially in the shoulders, arms, waist and hips.  I've become a little curvier (yeah, curvy girls!) than I expected over the past 3-6 months so it's turned out to be a great fit for my new figure.

The Ventura wraps around my waist/hips perfectly and I'm really happy with the comfortable fit on the jacket.  The same goes for the pants, which do have a rather high rise for me, but that's pretty much expected since all moto pants tend to ride high on me. I'd prefer that they sit a little too high than too low anyhow. The pants fit perfectly snug around my butt, hips and thighs. Given that they also have 2 removable liners (1 is thermal, 1 is for water/wind), they're as slim as they can be.

I'm even ok with the dark/light blue combos. It's definitely different than the usual black/black/black combos and although I am not a fan of light blue on my gear, I can live with this color on either side of my waist. I only wish they made the blue panels a little bit narrower, in an effort to make my middle section look a bit smaller. (Ridiculous, I know, but it makes me feel a little self conscious!)

2 days after this outfit arrived, I decided to ride in the pouring, torrential rain on the freeway to the San Mateo Motorcycle Show and they kept me dry! However, I didn't wear the thermal liner in the jacket since I have a heated liner, but I wore both liners in the pants and they kept me perfectly warm and dry.

I was worried that I might be too cold in these pants and that I would arrive home totally soaked through but that didn't happen. I'm going to try and test them in the rain/wind again as soon as the weather turns on us in San Francisco, but until then I guess I'll have to suffer with our dry, mild winter.

I also have a really short torso and have a really high waistline (which works out well for riding since my inseam is 28.5") and have a hard time with some jackets being too long and narrow in the waist. Some of them will sit on my hips and then bunch up in the back, which I can't stand.

A full review should be ready just before Christmas, so check back in a few weeks!