Warm & Safe Heated Jacket Liners

Ahhh, Winter. It's that time of year again. I have never had the pleasure of using a heated jacket. I hear that these mythical garments can change your riding life. If that's the case, I wish I would've thought of getting one years ago. I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment.

But after one too many rides freezing my arms, chest and upper body off, it's definitely time to put an end to needless suffering. It's also perfect timing since I've entered the winter riding season without proper winter gear. I can't wait to try out a heated liner underneath my leather/textile hybrid jacket, which is definitely better suited for spring/summer/fall riding seasons vs. winter.

So why bother getting a heated jacket liner anyway? I live in San Francisco and luckily, we don't have a frigid winter like most of you across the country do. (Side Note: San Francisco weather is completely opposite of what the weather is like for cities just 10 miles north, south or east of here. In the summer, while everyone outside of San Francisco is enjoying the summer temperatures, I'm freezing my butt off from the marine layer that blankets the city. Foggy, windy, cold. Fast forward a few months to October and we finally get the mild, fairly warm temperatures (70s). Then, throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Year's and into spring, we are a good 10 degrees warmer than the inland areas. Again, due to the marine layer. So, moral of the story is, visit San Francisco in September/October, NOT June/July).

However, there's a little something called Wind Chill. Riding on the freeway at night from say, San Francisco to Walnut Creek (where my family lives) in winter can actually be quite cold. The temperatures easily dip down into the 40s inland (my definition of inland: anything ~20 miles north, east or south of San Francisco). Add wind chill to that and you've got a heinous temperature of at least 25 degrees to deal with. *whimper*

I'm a firm believer that the right gear improves your ability to ride in so many ways. Heated gear can definitely do this too. Anytime something distracts you from the act of riding, it can make you far more vulnerable to an accident. Just like someone in their car talking on their cell phone pulls them away from the moment, so can thinking about how cold you are, or how uncomfortable you are while riding your motorcycle.

How many times have you gotten home after a very chilly ride, unable to get warm until you've either: a) stood under a hot shower for 20 minutes or buried yourself under a pile of down comforters to get your body temperature back up to normal? That's a sign that your body temperature was probably starting to drop and you need something more than your textile or leather jacket to keep you warm. Well, I have something that's going to help.

I am excited to announce a referral program in conjunction with Warm and Safe heated gear to all GearChic readers (men and women!). To take advantage of this amazing pricing on heated liners for WarmnSafe, you must send an email to Rose Kincart and tell her you saw the post on my blog. Below is the pricing on Women's heated jackets, pants, gloves and the heat troller. You can't get this pricing on their website or through any other retailers. You must contact Rose directly and mention Me in order to benefit from this pricing.

WarmnSafe recommends that wearing a high performance base layer like Klim or any high moisture wicking material will help keep you warm and comfortable as well. NO Cotton! Wool really is the best option. Smart Wool fabrics like those made from IbexWear and Ice Breaker are as soft as cotton, breathes and performs better than cotton.

For additional pricing on other products on their website, you can email her for that information as well.

Happy Riding, hope this helps keep you Warm and Safe. :)


Women’s Heated Liner

Gen-4... *New Soft Heat Panels (no wires) Gen-2, Gen-3 …*The Generation 2 & Generation 3 are identical in quality, design, weight, thinnest, in ALL WAYS except the Generation 3 is a MICROFIBER Polyester. The difference is the material we use. the Gen 2 is a breathable non-coated Nylon Taffeta. The Gen 3 is a wind stopping, water repellant, wicking, breathing microfiber. *Designed to be worn over a single layer of clothing like a basegear, a t-shirt or other lightweight garment. A protective outer jacket should always be worn over it. *Keep in mind what other accessories draw from your vehicle–refer to your owner’s manual for its maximum amperage output.

Women’s Heated Pant

Gen-3, Gen-4... *Form fitting, close fit for optimum heat transfer to body. Made of Spandex® fabric allowing full range of movement for any activity and fits easily under your outer garments.


Mounted, Portable or Remote... Single or Dual *The dual versions allow you to control the heat levels on the liner and gloves separately, highly recommended.

Women’s Gloves

Riders or Passenger (both Waterproof)

You must send an email to Rose Kincart and tell her you saw the post on my blog for “Special Pricing” or contact Rose @ 623-204-8043.

View all products at www.warmnsafe.com.