Motorcycle Gear for Very Petite Women

We got an email the other day via, regarding a listener who's searching for gear for a very, very small woman. She weighs 80lbs and is 4'8". Unfortunately, at anything below 100lbs, there are no options available off the rack. If you or someone you know weighs less than 100lbs, then I would recommend one of the following options:

1. Youth Dirt Gear


Something like the Youth Protection Jacket above with this Tourmaster Youth Jacket. For the lower half of the body, I would recommend knee guards like these over jeans.

2. Kinder Rider

Kinder Rider explorer_youth_motorcycle_jacket

Kinder Rider offers a 2 piece jacket and pants suit, as well as gloves. The outfit is constructed of real Cordura and fully armored from head to toe! There are also a few different color options for the jacket as well. The size chart doesn't have any measurements, but hopefully contacting them will help you choose the right size.

3. Custom Gear

There's always the option of getting a custom 1 or 2 piece suit from one of the brands on my directory.


4. Youth Racing suit

Who knew? Dainese makes a Youth Racing Suit! The sizes are defined on the size chart here.