New Arai DT-X Motorcycle Helmet and XXS Helmets

Side Profile of the DT-X Helmet from Arai

Side Profile of the DT-X Helmet from Arai

If you have a very small head, or know a woman (in my experience, 99.9% of XS fit women or small children) who may even need a XXS helmet, Arai Helmets has just released a new street helmet called the DT-X

This helmet will feature an intermediate oval shape (most common shape in the US) similar to the Corsair-X and Vector-2.

Supposedly it will offer a XXS size, per the website. However, they have the same information for the Vector-2 which was never offered in a 2XS that you could actually order. The only 2XS helmet available to order from them at this minute is the Defiant (although it's currently OOS). 

I miss my trusty Arai, but it didn't fit me small enough like my Shoei does. I'm hoping if they do offer a 2XS that it'll fit my head! I've always respected Arai and their design / protection philosophies. They defy mainstream expectations and always strive to deliver the most protective helmet even if it means not having the best selling helmet, or the one that everyone thinks is "coolest".

But if you are looking for a Full Face or Modular 2XS Helmet, these are the ones that I'm aware of: 

Full Face:

  1. Arai Defiant and Defiant Pro Cruise (certain colors) 
  2. Icon Airmada (certain colors)
  3. Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero
  4. GMax GM38
  5. Nexx XR2 Carbon Pure (currently OOS)
  6. Shoei Qwest (black only)
  7. Shoei RF-1200 (if you purchase the 17mm Centerpad, then it's a 2XS)
  8. AGV AX-8 DS Evo

I have to mention the Bell Star (Street Star, Race Star and Pro Star) Helmets, because they fit so narrow. I can barely fit my head into an XS (that I can fit into pretty much every XS helmet) and the S fits like a Shoei XS. I'll bet that an XS fits like a 2XS. 


  1. Schuberth C3Pro Women
  2. Nolan N104 Absolute 

Shoei Hornet Dual Sport Helmet for Small Heads

  riding in ireland bmw f800gs

If you have a small head, and I mean a *really*small head, now's the time to invest in one of the best dual sport helmets on the market.

For the low low price of $349.99, the Shoei Hornet DS helmet is on sale! Snell rated, Fiberglas shell, lightweight, Pinlock-able, well vented, removable liners and more.

shoei helmet hornet ds crystal white xs xxs dual sport helmet

If I needed a dual sport helmet, this would be at the top of my list. One because it weighs practically nothing (~3.5lbs) and also because Shoeis fit my head really well.  I've never met a man that fit a XS let alone a XXS helmet. There are only a handful of people who need XXS helmets, and it's extremely difficult to find really good ones.

If you fit any Shoei, you should easily fit into this one. Similar to their intermediate oval headshape (so your head from front to back is a bit longer than ear to ear).

As of right now, Revzilla has XS and XXS (DOUBLE Xtra Small!) for the same price in solid colors.

Hurrrrryyyyyyy before they run out!

Most comfortable motorcycle helmet.

Arai Vector-2 Diamond White Motorcycle Helmet

Is this the most comfortable motorcycle helmet? For me, YES! 

For me, and my small, intermediate oval head (XS, 53-54cm), the Arai Vector-2 is a perfect fit. It cradles my head so perfectly and feels like it was made just for me.   I chose Diamond White, which is a pearlescent white with little sparkly specs when it's in the light. 

The Vector was designed for someone who's head is longer from front to back vs. side to side. If you aren't sure where to start, you should measure your head (see helmet fitment guide link below) and start from there. Figure out which way your head is longer, side to side or front to back. 

When searching for  a helmet, especially your first one ever, I know how difficult it can be to find something that fits well and falls within your budget. That's the #1 complaint I hear about helmets is how expensive they are. But isn't protecting your head/brain worth that investment? 

Think about something you spent $400-$500 on recently. Was it a fancy kitchen appliance? Fancy speakers? A new chair or a computer? Why is it so easy for us to drop money on superficial items, but when it comes to our delicate heads, the idea of spending a few hundred dollars is simply ridiculous?  You don't have to spend more on an Arai, but consider spending a little more than the bare minimum. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to helmets.

After sporting the Shoei Qwest for a year and a half now, I'm excited to wear an Arai again. When I first started riding, I remember trying on an Arai Quantum and knowing that it was the perfect helmet for me. But I just couldn't bring myself to spend the extra $ on my first helmet so I settled for something less expensive yet Snell certified.  I knew that I was an Arai girl and I still am. Woop!

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