Resources for Philadelphia Area Motorcyclists


Often times I'm asked about riding resources in the Philly area. Everything from rider training to social riding events, so I put together this little page to help my fellow riders out.  If you live in the Philadelphia area, you might be trying to figure out where to ride. Or maybe you're wondering where to meet other folks who ride. Or maybe you're wondering where can I get properly fitted for a helmet?!

I'm going to try and collect as much information as possible and put it here, so please add a comment if you have suggestions. I can't promise everything will be posted but I'll certainly add stuff if I think it's useful, appropriate and content friendly.



Women Who Ride Motorcycles in Philadelphia

philly moto girls philadelphia women riders meetup  

Ever since I moved to Philly last January (2014), I've missed riding with my girlfriends back home. So I started a new meetup group, Philly Moto Girls. If you actually want to go riding, no egos, just out to have fun please join us! All skill levels are welcome, you just need some experience on the motorcycle in general. I recommend ~1,000 miles of street riding experience. Unfortunately our group isn't going to teach you exactly how to ride but you'll certainly get better the more you ride with us :)

Philadelphia Women Riders

philadelphia women motorcycles meetup groupI've created another Meetup group to bring together women who love riding motorcycles. You may or may not remember (Bay Area) Moto Girls, which I ran with my friend Aleks a la Moto Shop. Check it out, join and let's ride once the ice melts!