Only 19 Days Til Christmas

So here's an idea for a stocking stuffer.

Everyone needs something to maintain their riding boots. Nothing like wet, cold feet to ruin a ride. If your favorite motorcycle person commutes, travels, then warm, dry feet are always a good thing!

Nikwax makes a great selection of products for maintaining your boots, gloves and technical riding gear (as well as non motorcycle specific technical apparel). I use their Tech Wash to take care of my textile jackets and pants. 

Stay tuned for day 18 tomorrow!

My favorite places to eat and shop in San Francisco

visiting san francisco neighborhoods restaurants cheap


I whipped this map together in Google for a friend who's visiting SF soon. I thought I would share it with you too. Right now it has a few of my favorite restaurants (in blue) and some cool, different neighborhoods that I recommend checking out if you want to see the real San Francisco. 

My favorite motorcycle hotspots will be marked in Red so check back for updates. 

REVIT Ignition 1 Womens Jackets

revit womens leather motorcycle jacket pants gear 2 ignition 2

Ahh memories. REVIT's Ignition jacket is one of the best jackets on the market for women riders. On the right, my friend is wearing the previous generation Ignition. And I just found 2 for sale on Craigslist for $300 or less! 

These are hard to find because they've updated it with the version I'm wearing on the left. If you've read my reviews of both, you know that the previous generation had a VERY different fitment. For those of you who are long and lean and Not very curvy, this is the perfect jacket. It's also impossible to find a hybrid like this with this body type. 

Many Dainese textile and leather jackets do have a long and lean profile but not quite like this. I just found two on Craigslist! 

One is size 38 (~US 4) for $300 in SF (which I'm wearing in my review): 

One is size 40(~US 6)  for $250 in Oakland:

Whoop. Jump on these if you can, because I don't think they're going to be around for long....