Women's Motorcycle Boots for 2014

alpinestars_stella_smx6_womens Awhile ago I wrote a blog post with recommended motorcycle boots for women. I'm updating that post by adding 4 New boots for women for 2014. 2 of these are updated versions and the other 2 are new altogether.

These are strictly updated versions of boots mentioned in that post. I've left out ones that haven't changed.

Alpinestars Stella S-MX 6

(Keep in mind that 'Stella' is just Alpinestars label for the women's line. Everything is Stella this or Stella that. The actual name of the boot is the S-MX 6.)

The S-MX 6 above is the update to the popular S-MX 5. They've actually a nice upgrade in terms of protection with a torsion control system along the ankle to help prevent accidental twisting. Much more in line with the higher level race boots that Alpinestars makes. Of course, if you're looking for full race protection (achilles heel, stronger sliders, more shock absorption in the heels, etc.) then you should stick to something stronger like the S-MX Plus or SuperTech R's, which actually work well for women with slender feet/ankles. Previous versions of the S-MX Plus are also currently on closeout.

Dainese Svelta GORE-TEX


The Svelta is slightly different from it's big sister the Siren, because it has a narrower calf space with the higher inner zipper. I didn't like the Siren myself, because the calf space was too generous for me. So if you liked the Siren but found it a little bulky, I think you'll like Svelta. And it also has the wonderful GORE-TEX breathable membrane. Keep in mind that Dainese has a narrower toe box and tapers inward along the pinky toe.


Sidi Apex Lei


The Apex Lei is the shorter version of the Vertigo Lei.  If you like the idea of a shorter street boot with maximum protection, this is the way to go. If you missed my review of the Vertigo, you can read it here. The fit will also be the same as the Vertigo Lei.

Gaerne Rose


You may also have seen photos of the new Gaerne Black Rose (left) recently that look different from the previous version (right). There are no differences, except the new girly design along the inner ankle. Still one of my favorite city boots to ride in.

Sidi Verona Lei


The Verona is a really simple city or touring boot. Basically a lower profile version of the Livia Rain. Fully waterproof, but half height. Particularly nice if you have trouble finding wider calf motorcycle boots.

And of course, you can find all of these boots at :)

How I took off my training wheels.

Daytona Ladystar womens motorcycle boots


6 years ago I discovered these amazing boots, said to add 2+ inches of height to your inseam! 

And that they did. At the time I was riding my Ninja 250 and I was at the balls of my feet while wearing Oxtars (discontinued but now known as TCX Auras). I heard these magical boots would add lift, extra comfort and a GORE-TEX (GT) membrane. 

2003 Kawasaki NInja 250 San Francisco motorcycles short beginner

If you read my full review, you'll see how much I relied upon and loved them. I still love them, they're one of the most comfortable boots I've ever worn and the GT liner is fantastic. I still long for a pair of boots with GT liners, so I will keep searching for something that will fit my tiny Euro 36-37, US 6.5-7 feet. There are a few men's boots that are offered in this size, so that may be my next option. 

Sidi Vertigo Womens Motorcycle Boots

Last year I reviewed Sidi's Vertigo Lei and started wearing them daily. I liked having the extra protection and I had never worn a sport boot with that kind of fit. They worked really well on my SV and I added an insole to make them even more comfortable. Unfortunately I lost all the height that I had gained with the Daytonas. I was now almost on my tiptoes and one flat left with a noticeable butt shift to the left off my seat. (vs. a slight lean left). I really had to be careful and more cautious about where I could put my feet down, the pavement grade and more interesting, parking with one foot (since the 2 tiptoes weren't helping). I had to acclimate to wear and review these boots. I knew I could manage, it just took a little time to get used to things. I admit, I didn't like losing all the height but I was also really happy that I didn't really Need the extra height to navigate on my bike. Yes, it was really nice to have it but it wasn't the end of the world!

I remember someone telling me last summer that they liked their Daytonas overall but didn't like how clunky they felt and wanted something lighter. That stuck with me so and I didn't notice until I started wearing the Vertigos how true that was. As a sport boot, they're super lightweight and really lean, making it easier to get your toes under the shifter. Fantastic. 

brammo enertia electric motorcycle san francisco

I definitely couldn't manage a taller, heavier bike with these just yet, but we'll see. I have ridden with these on the Brammo plenty of times since it's a taller but lighter bike (by about ~150 lbs and 2 inches). Sometimes it's all about weight, not height!

However, not long after I started riding the Brammo last summer, I started to break in a pair of Gaerne Black Rose Boots, which were sitting on my  shelf. I got them for the Yamaha Ride Review but never wore them after that. They were still stiff and not broken in so I just reverted to my Daytonas at that time. 

Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots  

So a few months back I decided to wear these again and break them in. I hadn't worn them so why not break them in and do a review. I only wear them around town since I always try to wear my Vertigos for highway riding. (I did wear my Daytonas a couple times last summer for a couple of trips where I thought the GT would come in handy.)

They are now my every day boots around the city. They're much lighter than the Daytonas and less clunky. I also was surprised at how comfortable they were. I only lost an inch and it hasn't really mattered. I've ridden two even taller, heavier bikes since then with them and I managed just fine: 2012 Aprilia Shiver and 2013 KTM 690 Duke (YES!).


2013 KTM 690 Duke San Francisco Bay Area Scuderia West

Don't let the "2 flat feet rule" (which isn't a rule, more of a guideline) change your perceptions of what you can or can't ride. It may take you a little longer than you'd hoped but motorcycles aren't a 'quick and easy' thing to learn. If you think it is, you may not be ready to ride....

2013 KTM 690 Duke

2013 ktm 690 duke black motorcycles supermoto short inseam


Meet the 2013 KTM 690 Duke, the US Edition.

Since I am short (5'3", 28" inseam) I define any motorcycle that I can ride as a motorcycle for short people*. Makes sense, right? :-D  

The new 690 from KTM was at Scuderia West for just a short week. Luckily I was able to take it out for a spin! If you're looking for a mid powered sportbike with a super comfortable riding position, then this is what you're looking for. Priced at $8,999 she has plenty of power (more than you think) especially at lower rpms but still delivers a deliciously fun ride, fantastic cornering and an awesome riding position. They'll get models around March if you want to test ride....

My outfit from head to toe: Shoei Qwest Goddess helmet, Alpinestars Vika jacket, Revit Summit gloves, Gaerne Rose boots

(Not advised for beginner/novice riders)

REVIT Legacy Jacket and Pant Review!


This is the must have outfit for winter/year round riding. Read my reviews to find out more.

REV'IT Legacy GTX Jacket  

REV'IT Legacy GTX Pants

REVIT Legacy GTX womens motorcycle pants waterproof winter textile

Also pictured: Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle and Gaerne Rose Boots

Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots



Features: Waterproof/breathable membrane, reinforced at the ankles, toes, shins and heel cup, grippy durable soles, reflective strips on the heels 


Size/ Fit: Euro 38 / 7.5-8.  (I had to go up a size from my normal Euro 37 in these, because they are very narrow at the arch and ankles. I simply couldn't get my foot in the boot in the 37. I typically wear a 6.5 or 7, depending on the shoe. If you are normally a Euro 37 or a 6.5/7 like me, these will fit you.  I have average width feet and my calves measure a whopping 14.75" at the largest part.  

Are they comfortable? They're very light, and comfortable enough to walk in all day. 

What else should I know? If you don't wear a long sock that goes over your calves, then the seam on the inside of the boot may irritate/scratch your calf. For this reason, I recommend a calf size of no more than 14.5" so that there's room for a nice long sock.  

One issue is that since the zipper is full length, there's no adjustability for calf fit. You'll have to wear your riding pants over the boot.  They also have a breathable, waterproof membrane.  

Review Coming, Stay Tuned! 

Ride Review on Asphalt & Rubber

GearChic Photo Courtesy of: Riles & Nelson

Check out this scooter review I wrote for Asphalt & Rubber on the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F Scooter. You know you want one!

Big thanks to Dainese and the D-Store San Francisco for providing the G.Alice Tex Jacket and Drake Air Textile Pants.  My Shoei Qwest Goddess helmet, AlpineStars Stella Tyla gloves and Gaerne Rose boots were provided by GearChic.

I'll be collaborating a bit more with my friends at A&R in the coming months, so stay tuned. :D