Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots

  • MSRP $175
  • Color: Black, Sizes: Euro 36 (US 6) - 42 (US 10). My Euro size is normally 37, but I had to bump up to 38 in these.
  • Waterproof Drytech membrane
  • Pro-Tech ankle shield system
  • Elastic Cordura panels on the side for comfort/calf space
  • Full grain leather
  • Reflective safety strips on back
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Reinforced toe shift pads
  • Made in Italy
  • Zipper pulls were added by me, reflective too! 
  • Sample provided by GearChic
  • Review Date: March 2013



Before I started wearing these boots, I was wearing either the Sidi Vertigo Leis or Daytona Ladystars every day. I bought these for a photo shoot over a year ago and I didn't start wearing them every day (in the city only) until last summer (2012). They felt too narrow in the toebox, across the width of my foot right below my toes. My calf was also exceeding the fit around so they were pinching me terribly, even with long socks on. I wore them for one afternoon and then put them back in the box.

Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle BootsGaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots

Fast Forward 6 months. One day I noticed them in my gear closet and thought I really should give them a try. They're a much lighter, 'leaner' boot than the Daytonas and I didn't need the extra height riding the Brammo or Suzuki around town. The Sidis are also a little flashy so I thought a simpler looking boot would be nice for going out and about. 

Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots

The Black Rose is an all around touring boot. Lightweight, waterproof and ridiculously comfortable for being on your feet all day. The only other boots I've been able to wear all day without pain are my Daytonas. I'm often wearing these for 9 hours at the shop and they're absolutely fantastic.  

I've ridden with these in the rain and never had any issues with the waterproof-ability. We had a pretty chilly winter (for San Francisco) and temps down into the 30s/40s some nights. I found them to be comfortable in those temperatures, I just made sure that I wore warmer wool socks. 

Fortunately I haven't had to crash test these. But I feel safe riding in them around town. They have plenty of toe/heel protection and some soft armor on the outside of the ankles. Unfortunately there isn't any on the inside. But that's why I only wear these in town. For longer trips or twisty riding, I wear my Sidis. 

The heels also provide a little extra height which is nice too. I'd say a good 1.5"-1.75". 

Gaerne Rose Womens Motorcycle Boots revit legacy goretex pants womens



As soon as I put them on again after 6 months in the box, I noticed that they didn't pinch my calves anymore. Yay! It probably helped that I lost 20lbs since the last time I wore these. So the only downside to these boots is that the calf space is not terribly generous. For the size I'm wearing (38), they comfortably fit a 14" calf.

I normally wear a Euro 37 in most boots but these have a fairly narrow opening and narrower footbed so I needed to go up to 38. When I first tried them, they were uncomfortably snug in width. I was praying that they'd stretch out enough to be comfortable and thank goodness they did. 

I felt like my pinky toe was being squished too much but about a hundred miles later it totally felt better and broke in just enough to fit perfectly. I know it's hard to tell when you buy them in the store, but as long as your toes aren't squishing on top of eachother, it's likely the break in will give you the extra space you need. Remember that boots will never give in length, only in width/circumference. 

I'm also able to wear these with skinny jeans tucked in. They're right at the border in terms of calf space for me, but I'm able to just barely wear my Schampa thermals underneath my jeans too. 

Generally, I'd say that these boots are ideal if you have an average width foot (B/C) and narrower ankles/average calves. There are many more boots available that have generous calf spaces such as the Dainese Siren and Sidi Livia Rain.


If you're looking for a great boot around town, or a lightweight touring boot, you'll love the Gaerne Black Rose. Lightweight, super comfortable, waterproof and priced nicely under $200!