Dainese Custom Suit Experience


Tuesday, April 24, 2018 — Dainese presents Custom Works, a service for fully-customized and made-to-measure Dainese motorcycle racing suits and jackets for race and street enthusiasts.

The multi-channel experience begins online with the new 3D Configurator and continues at the store where the personalized garment is delivered to the customer. Custom Works is an engaging process that combines the practicality of digital configuration with the craftsmanship of a unique, handmade product.

With Custom Works, Dainese offers all bikers the quality and know-how it has acquired with more than 45 years of experience in the production of personalized leather suits. For nearly half a century, Dainese has grown, collaborated and shared its goals with the greatest riders of all time, from Giacomo Agostini to Valentino Rossi. Over this same period, Dainese has always pushed the boundaries of innovation.

With Custom Works, anyone can have a tailor-made garment and create his or her own unique design, choosing from a vast array of leather colors and accessories, with the option of adding words and images.


The new Custom Works is a fully updated multi-channel experience. Accessible via the Dainese website, the brand-new 3D configurator allows each motorcyclist to personalize his/her leather suit, jacket or pants in real time, with a simple, engaging and interactive digital experience. The customer can see a preview of the garment, change the colors of the various parts, select accessories (plates, sliders), and upload words and images that are immediately visible on the 3D garment.

Once the design is complete, the biker saves the model and books an appointment during which sizes are taken. The purchase is then completed at a Certified Custom Works Center - a network of stores authorized and certified by Dainese to offer the Custom Works service. 

The 25 anatomical measurements needed for the personalized garment are taken with the support of a specialized consultant. Special consideration is also given to the customer's specific needs and the expected use of the product. At the Store, customers can actually touch the technology, materials, finishes and accessories that give life to the most advanced Grand Prix leather suits and that are also used to create the customized garment. 

With Custom Works, every customer can wear an absolutely unique Dainese garment.

When I clicked on the configurator to see what options were available for women, I found two track suits: 

  1. Laguna Seca 4 $1299 - more aggressive race fit, more stretch panels and tighter overall
  2. Avro - $999, relaxed fit, not a full race cut

If I chose a custom design/color, it was an additional $629. After that, I could pick a custom shoulder slider which is available in fun colors ($47.95) or the flag of your choice for an additional $94.95. These are all costs in addition to the MSRP of $1299.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.10.38 PM.png

Lastly, there's the additional cost for a fully custom size. Just an additional $795. Generally you'll spend anywhere from $1500-$2000 for a great custom suit anyhow. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.19.02 PM.png

Currently there aren't any separates option for women. But there aren't many for men either, just one jacket (Racing D1) and no pants. 

If you're interested in setting up an appointment, Click Here to visit the configurator and submit a request.  The closest location to Philadelphia is the Dainese New York store. 

Happy Track Day'ng! 

Motorcycle Gear and Body Armor for Kids

Looking for small body armor options for your kids? It's hard to find gear for them, let alone body armor (except dirt/offroad styles).

Forcefield makes some of the best body armor. They also make a fantastic back protector for women.  To see the full line of products offered by Forcefield, check their website. To order Forcefield products, go to Johnson Leathers' in San Francisco who are the distributors in North America.

Here are a few companies that make a variety of street gear for kids:

Alpinestars - Dirt body armor for kids (they also make a one piece leather suit for kids, but not many stores stock them.  Check out MotoLiberty.com who does.  

Bilt  - Street gear exclusively offered at CycleGear.com

Held - Winter gloves for kids

HJC - CL-Y Youth helmet

Scorpion- EXO-400 Youth helmet 

TaichiMoto.com - Leather and Textile options From RS Taichi 

Vanson Leathers - 2 piece leather suits for kids

I'm sure there are others and I'll update this post as I find more companies that offer street gear for kids.

One Piece Textile Suit for Women

Do you know who makes the only fully custom one piece suit specially designed for women riders?

TeizMotosports.  www.teizms.com

You can buy other custom one piece textile suits, yes. But they aren't going to offer the kind of fit that many women need (hips, waist, thighs!).  Featuring great armor, front cargo pockets, waterproof zippers and more.  The price point is definitely high ($899), but certainly appropriately priced for a fully custom suit measured to your needs and fit for a woman, not a man.

Even the SAS-TEC Armor that they used are sized and shaped specifically for women. No detail has been spared!

I haven't had any personal experience with one, but I do know that every effort has been made to make this suit truly fit and work for us.


Used Pants, Jacket and 1 Piece

A friend of mine is clearing her closet.  All Size 10. Located in San Francisco.  If you've been shopping for gently used women's motorcycle gear, these are a good deal! Dainese Ladies Leather Pants http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/2331655684.html

1 Piece AlpineStars Suit http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/2331634120.html (same one as this one.)

Arlen Ness Leather Jacket http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/mcy/2331665423.html