Sidi Fusion Lei, First Impressions

Sidi Fusion Lei Boots At first I was afraid... I was petrified...

To be fair, I'm going from what can arguably be called the most comfortable motorcycle boot ever.  Going from that kind of experience to this one has definitely been an adjustment. My feet have been spoiled rotten, that's for sure.

When I first tried these on, I was overwhelmed by the sport fit and the way my ankles were immediately guided into sport riding position (knees forward, ankles bent, much like a ski boot).  And, as they were a brand new pair of boots, they were stiff and rather uncomfortable and awkward to put on and off. I have very high arches and it was a struggle to slide my foot in and out.

I've always heard from Sidi owners that they're super comfortable. I believed them at first, and then I begun to think that they were lying to me, that it was a conspiracy to buy Sidi boots.

I was wrong. So very wrong. Thank dog! Not only have they been comfortable off the bike, but of course they are extremely comfortable on the bike, in sport riding position.

After about ~50-75 miles, they've started to really break in and stretch out.  I never thought Lorica (fake leather, yeah for vegans!) would stretch this much and was very skeptical. But as promised by my wonderful coworker Brian and many loyal customers, they have turned into an exceptionally comfortable boot.

I pushed these boots far beyond their limits by working an 8 hour day at Scuderia last Saturday. What was I thinking? By hour 5-6, my poor pinky toe started to squish and suffer with each step. But I knew that I had made these boots work much harder and in a very different capacity as they were intended. I was surprised at how comfortable the soles were and fully expected the bottom of my feet to scream at me by the 2nd hour.

Check out additional photos here.

I'm excited to have a more thorough review for you soon. Stay tuned!