Comfortable Body Armor

Need some better options than the basic, uncomfortable body armor that came with your new jacket or pants? Or maybe you never upgraded your body armor for fear that it would impact the way your gear fits? Now's the time to upgrade, with these super comfortable, flexible options that are pretty much invisible until you need them to do their job.

If you're an active person and participate sports such as mountain biking or skiing, these companies also make other products that would work in those kind of activities too.   The prices vary from

1. d3O Labs

d3O makes body armor inserts for every imaginable part of your body; back/shoulders/elbows/knees/hips.  It's super flexible and comfortable and especially well sized for women's gear.  Check out their Youtube channel to see how this stuff works. You can find their armor in products offered from manufacturers such as Klim and FirstGear. To full outfit your jacket and pants, you'll spend about $150-$160.

3dO Knee/Elbow Motorcycle Gear Body Armor


2. TPro by Forcefield BodyArmor

A full set of these will cost you $180 through Johnson Leather. Each piece is constructed of 4 layers of the material, which all work together to absorb the impact. If the pieces are too wide for your body part (the shoulders are too wide for me), you can simply trim the sides to get it to fit into your jacket.  Their armor works a little differently than others, check out this video I posted on youtube, showing you the difference between a regular rubber ball and the material that TPro is made of.

TPro Removable Body Armor Motorcycle Gear



SAS-TEC is also super lightweight and comfortable.  They also make a range of options to cover your entire body. A full set will cost you about $150 as well.

SAS-TEC Body armor