Fusion Lei

Correction to February's Newsletter

Sidi Fusion Womens Motorcycle Boots In reference to the Sidi Fusion Lei Boots, these are actually based off the men’s Fusion boot not the Vertigo.

The Fusion Lei is not the women’s equivalent to the Vertigo.

A couple other things that Scott Chikuami, Associate Marketing Manager at MotoNation suggested to me regarding increasing the comfort of the Sidis for a long workday:

1.)    Unzip the boots so there is only about an inch to half an inch of the of the boot still zippered shut (like you would with ski or snowboard boots) when walking about. It will all for a greater range of motion and let your feet breath more.

2.)    There is a removable instep that had a mild adhesive on it where it attached to the boot, replace that instep with an aftermarket instep like a Dr. Scholl’s – be weary of the thickness of the instep though as the thicker the instep the more comfortable usually, but you will start to eat up some Real Estate in the boot.


Sidi Fusion Lei Boots

MSRP $215.00 Sizes Euro 37 - 43  (I'm a 37 and I wear a US 7) Available Now from your local Motonation dealer.


  • Built around a women's specific foot mold.
  • Features a unique graphic appliqué to set the boot apart from the men’s version.
  • Lorica outer construction (synthetic leather, vegan!).
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining.
  • Rear calf protection panel.
  • Replaceable nylon toe scuff pad.
  • Internal inner and outer ankle protective caps.
  • Composite inner sole.
  • Removable arch support.
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
  • An elastic panel adjacent to the entry zipper allows a bind free zip and improved fit.
  • Nylon shin deflector plate.
  • Fully encapsulated heel cup.
  • Zipper and Velcro closure system.
  • Dual compound sole.
  • DuPont polymer toe shift pad.

As mentioned in my previous post, the Fusion Leis are a brand new addition to Sidi's 2012 Women's line of boots. They're very similar to the men's Fusion, with almost identical features. But these are built off of a woman's foot mold.

I'll be getting a pair of these next week! I'm so excited. I've always wanted to try out a pair of Sidis. I know a lot of riders who are fans and rave about them, but I've not had the opportunity to try them out until now.

I like the modest design on them which don't appear to overwhelm the boot. They seem subtle to me and give them a nice, soft aesthetic without being overly girly.  When I'm off the bike, I love to get girlied out. But you won't see me walking around in a pink dress and pink shoes. Imagine if they marketed casual boots for women (e.g. Cole Haan - which btw, have the MOST comfortable high heels ever, Clarks) with big pink flowers and curly q's everywhere.   I doubt they would sell very many boots that way.

My friends at MotoNation are the national distributor for Sidi and they've obviously been giving them feedback on the whole pink thing. I don't think I've met anyone who was ever excited about the pink... (myself included). So thank you MotoNation!

I'll post first impressions after 100 miles or so of ride time.