New Givi Cases, Test Rides

If you're looking for a new top box for your scooter or motorcycle, Givi is usually the first name you may think of. And for good reason!  Recently, they've upgraded the design on 3 of their boxes. The lower left box, the 46 Liter (46N) is what I'll be getting my hands on this time next week!  If you have a scooter and are looking for a new top box, you'll want to check out the E300B, which has a white cover and clear reflectors.   You won't find these boxes on Givi's website yet.  Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. I'm just lucky that I know the Bay Area Givi representative, who turned me onto these new boxes. I really like the style of the new reflectors on the 55 liter (E55NT), but that's just a touch too big for me. I think the 46 will look perfect on my tail. Pics to come after I get her mounted up.

Contrary to what you might think, I'm not planning any long trips or adventrues anytime soon.  The main reason I want/need this box is so that I can ride even more.  Having the flexibility of a secure place to stash my motorcycle boots, full face helmet and puffy overpants is something I've been wanting for a really really long time.  I make decisions on where/when I'm going to ride, based on the type of places I'm going to ride to.  When you live in San Francisco, it only makes sense to ride everywhere you can. But if I want to put on some peep-toe high heels, and a cute jacket, it isn't convenient to carry overpants, a jacket, boots and a helmet with me. I don't expect to put all these items in my box, but if I can manage to at the minimum, stash 3 out of 4, I'm happy to carry something.

Most recently (last week) I accepted a full time position to work as an office administrator for a really cool engineering firm in downtown San Francisco.  As much as I love the part time schedule, I need the full time pay in order to keep up with my motorcycle addiction activities.   I anticipate I'll be running around town picking up things, and having this box is really going to help. Especially when parking costs an arm and a leg for more than 15 minutes.   If you're interested in ordering one, email me and I'll put you in touch with my local rep.

I've also got a sneak peak at some photos taken by an amazing photographer, Robert Stokstad last week on the Suzuki GS500F test ride and photo shoot I went on for CityBike magazine. I'm also wearing the Corazzo jacket I'll be reviewing soon for CityBike.