Still madly working on my site

I'm still trying to get my site up and running. It's taking longer than I expected, since I'm writing all the code myself. No Dreamweaver or Microsoft Crapsite software for me! Just pure html and css. For you webnerds, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who aren't familiar, let's just say that instead of buying a box of Betty Crocker cake mix, and baking the cake that way, I've decided to make it all from scratch! Tastier on the inside and prettier on the outside.

On the way home from dinner last night with my husband, he took this really bad photo of me on my crackberry
In case you're wondering, that's not my scooter. I gave mine up 2.5 years ago!

In this pic, I'm wearing my fave Arai Quantum II helmet, and my cherished Vanson textile jacket. Too bad they discontinued this design already. It's a super dense cordura blend jacket, with multiple vents in the front rear, arms and back. I can't bear to part with it even though it's a size too big for me. And due to my lack of cup size, it's a little big up top. But it would definitely be great for a petite girl (Size 2-4) with a big chest. :-)

I'd better get back to programming my site. Hope to have things ready by this weekend. Yeah!