Busy Busy Busy

Sadly, that's me. My 'real' job of office slave is getting ridiculously busy. We're having an event in Spain in 3 weeks and my time is getting sucked up quicker than I can exhale. I'm hoping to work on my site this weekend and hopefully have something substantial to have ready by then. Why must I have a real job? Why can't I just blog all day long and get paid for it or something? Thank goodness I haven't been teaching any MSF classes this month, otherwise I'd be wiped out. I've been working the last few weekends at Scuderia, studying up as much as I can to further enrich myself about women's motorcycle gear.

Speaking of gear, this Friday and Saturday is a massive open house at my 3rd part time/seasonal job, Scuderia West in San Francisco. I'm learning lots about Rev'it, Olympia and Dainese women's gear while working there. Okay, I'm learning a ton about the men's stuff too, but that's besides the point! I just discovered that Cortech has a textile jacket called the LRX that comes in 5 colors, has a zip out liner and retails for only $129.99 and even comes in a plus size small, medium and large! (It looks like it could be leather, but it really is textile).