My first post! Welcome!

Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to have this platform to blog about everything related to women riding motorcycles and what, exactly they are wearing when they ride. As a female rider, you know that one of the main frustrations we have is finding gear that properly fits. Every woman is different. Two women who are the same 'size' may not necessarily be the same size in every part of her body. Everyone has a different body and when you're trying to find protective gear to fit you, you may have a hard time finding protective pants that will make room for your hips, or your thighs. Gear manufacturers forget that women come in so many shapes and sizes. Can't they make gear in petite/long/regular/plus size? One number isn't going to fit every woman.

I'm here to help. I love riding and I love shopping. What better way to combine these two loves than with a website wholly dedicated to helping women find protective gear. I strongly believe in safety first. As an MSF instructor, I am constantly aware of the risks of riding on a daily basis. One way to minimize this risk is to wear complete protection, head to toe; full-face helmet, leather gloves, riding jacket w/ armor, riding pants w/armor, and reinforced riding boots. I never ride my bike without every inch of my skin covered. I kind of like where my flesh is and really really would miss it!

So I hope you'll enjoy my blog and the content I'll be posting here and on my website. I'll do my best to keep the website updated first, and then the blog. My intention is to post something whenever a new link is added to my site so you can be notified (hopefully you're utilizing the wonder that are RSS feeds. If not, Read This First.

I hope to have my site finished by this weekend. It's definitely a labor of love and I had no idea it would take this long.