Episode 3: What Motorcycle Gear Do I Need?

My first real riding suit, back in 2004?

My first real riding suit, back in 2004?

11/29: Podcast Uploaded. Looks like it never uploaded the first time :(

In this episode, I’m going to break down everything you need to buy for your first set of gear and why. I’ve also made the presumption you are buying a full face helmet. Let’s be honest, you know it’s the safest option so why bother going through this debate?


Head to toe, what you need to know and some things to think about when shopping for gear. We will do a deep, detailed dive of each piece in future episodes, but this is a broad overview of what gear you need and why; helmet, jacket, boots, gloves and pants.

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As the podcast develops, I’d love to hear your requests for topics or guests. Please post a comment below. Thank you!

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Episode 1: A Conversation with TCX Boots USA

It's here!!

My first interview / conversation with my friend Michael "Tex" Mawby, Director of Sales & Marketing for TCX Boots USA. We cover their infamous riding sneaker, CE Certifications and not boot related but why do I have old leather jackets in my closet?  

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(Apologies for the first 10 minutes of audio, and Tex's audio since I called him on his cell phone. I also had to cut out some of my feedback to his remarks in the first 10 minutes because my audio was just so low. I hope you enjoy our convo!)


Artwork: Boggytown

Music: "Life is Good", Joystock



I'm so excited to announce my all new podcast, featuring discussions and interviews from friends, colleagues, strangers, basically anyone who will chat with me about you guessed it, motorcycle gear. 

Join me as I learn more about different brands, technologies and people that make up the motorcycle gear universe. 

Of course, I also aim to give you as much information as I can about the world of gear and I won't be limiting it to women's gear either. Finding protective apparel dealers / shops / manufacturers that you can trust your safety and protection is challenging and I am to make that a bit easier with this podcast. 

I also hope to decode technical terms and brands that you may hear in your everyday riding life: Cordura, SuperFabric, Dynatec, UHWMPE, Coolmax and more.

a Product Sponsor of the Women's Sportbike Rally

a Product Sponsor of the Women's Sportbike Rally

I can't wait for you to join me weekly? biweekly? I honestly don't know, I'll record as often as I can depending on who will talk to me. Sometimes it might just even be me.

Stay tuned to this page for Episode 1, a jolly discussion about motorcycle boots with my friend and the Director of Sales & Marketing of TCX Boots USA. We're going to talk about CE Certification of motorcycle footwear, how synthetics are taking over and more. I will upload episodes to this page in a different blog post each week. I'll also be adding it to iTunes so stay tuned!

If you want to be a guest on my show, please keep in mind that there are NO paid endorsements.

PS Don't worry, I didn't break up with my girl Cristi, you will still find me with Cristi on Moterrific.