Episode 8: The Differences Between Real Gear v. Fake Gear

There are numerous differences between what I call “Real” Riding Gear v. “Fake” Gear.

In this episode I’m going to give you some ways to identify real gear as you’re shopping:

  • how to look at a brand: is this a brand that is actually going to protect and work for me?

  • why not shop at the mall for a jacket?

  • 3 features every riding jacket must have to protect you

  • how to tell if the jacket you’re wearing is right for your riding lifestyle and what that means

  • fit tips to help you figure out what really fits you and why it’s supposed to fit that way

Please post any comments/questions below, I’d love to answer your questions in my next episodes.


Artwork by: Boggytown

Music: "Life Is Good" by Joystock