New Casual Boots by Tsubo

tsubo_loe_leather_brown_boots Since I'm not riding, I have to share these casual boots which I can't wait to get next week!

I discovered the company Tsubo a few months ago when I bought these awesome wedge heels that have amazing foam support. These particular boots are called the Loe, and have a nice layer of comfort foam and a breathable lining which supposedly keeps your feet comfy and dry. Unfortunately not waterproof (hey, Tsubo, that would be AWESOME) but still cute.


You might be wondering why I can't wear these while riding? Well, I guess I could do anything I want, theoretically. But here are the main reasons:

  1. I would quickly scuff and wear out the toe box from my shifter
  2. Poorly articulated for riding position (think knees bent, heels back, flex to point toe up and down)
  3. NO ankle protection or impact protection if my foot hits anything solid
  4. NO internal support to keep my ankles from twisting
  5. NO anti-slip soles (us short folks need STRONG, grippy soles to handle 300-500lbs of motorcycle weight)
  6. NO reinforced toe box or heel cup

Oh how I wish Sidi would come out with something similar to this with all the protective elements, but something tells me we'll be waiting awhile.....

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