Sonic Troy Lee Design Toolbox

Ooooooo Shiny

Ooooooo Shiny

Sonic Tools is a Netherlands based company that makes solid tools. They have distribution in the US based in Alabama. 

This special edition Troy Lee Designs Filled Moto Toolbox includes a specific motorcycle-friendly kit that has unique tools like safety wire pliers, Torx AND Hex sockets. Gimme a 10mm hex and I'm a happy woman (almost everything on Goldie is a 10).

The box itself is solid steel (all one piece to be exact), and the all of the tools are European manufactured, and the quality is supposed to be fantastic based on various reviews we read on the interwebs. I especially like this feature: 

"All three drawers feature ball-bearing slides and are retractable and a front centralized safety lock."

Sonic offers more than just tools, they also offer storage accessories for your garage including drawers, toolboxes and cabinets. Check out their full catalog here

Since the box comes totally filled, it'll cost you a little bit. $600 to be exact. So if you're ready for adult tools, these are a nice way to go. 

I'll try to do a little video on how the drawers open, close and lock soon. So stay tuned to this post!   

Only 18 Days Til Christmas

Everyone should have at least a small toolkit to maintain her motorcycle. These small toolpacks have just the essential tools to do simple adjustments like tighten loose mirror bolts or adjust levers. 

You don't need a huge professional toolkit, just a few basics in case you need it. This RTM3 Roadtech Metric Tool Kit by CruzTools ($89.95) works for all Metric motorcycles. What does that mean? Basically anything Japanese and older British bikes like my Triumph. (After mine, they changed some of the bolts to Torx style) Or, if you have a Harley enthusiast in your life, they make a Harley specific kit too

Also, if you're in Chicago, Silicon Valley, San Francisco or Philadelphia pair it with a Gift Certificate from one of the MotoGuilds and you have a killer Christmas gift :) 

Come back tomorrow for Day 17!