Cute Women's Motorcycle Shorts and Leggings

cute womens motorcycle shorts etsy vintage cafe

Another cool screenprint from my friends at Spectre Apparel on Etsy.  If you or someone you love is a classic car enthusiast, they have some cool designs for that too. 

Love these! They come in black too, $28.95

While you're there, check out the cute motorcycle leggings!

cute motorcycle leggings spectre apparel screenprinted motorcycles 

Personal recommendations for Baselayers for Summer

I would love your personal recommendations for what kind of moisture wicking baselayers you wear under your gear for hot weather. I've been wearing a cheap running shirt but I'd like something stronger for hotter weather and longer rides.

I also wear Adidas running pants under my Dainese leathers (for mild and hot weather).

I'm leaning heavily towards LD Comfort baselayers, because of how well they wick moisture away from the body. Their demonstration of how the material is able to manage moisture is amazing.


Another reason I'm considering it is how seamless the shorts and pants are. I didn't choose my running pants very well because there are several seams on each buttcheek and I've found out the hard way recently, how uncomfortable the chafing can be um, down there. (blush)

If you're not wearing a moisture managing baselayer under your gear for summer, you're missing out on a key piece of material to help your body stay cool and manage the sweat. And I guarantee that the better the baselayer, the more comfortable your gear will be.

Instead of foregoing your gear, how about adding a baselayer so you can be comfortable and ride safe too?

So what brand(s) do you wear under your gear in the summer, and why?