2013 Suzuki Motorcycles

2013 Suzuki SFV650 Motorcycle SV650 SV650S Naked Sportbike

Well, at least it looks much better than before. Maybe because it's a dark color? That lame white/blue concoction when they first introduced the SFV in 2009 was horrific! I don't know if they were trying to appeal to female riders or what, but it was hideous. 

I haven't ridden one, and I'd certainly love to, just to compare it to the older generation models. I absolutely positively LOVE my SV. It does a little bit of everything really well.  Just the fact that the SFV only has a 3.1 gallon (the SV has 4.5!) tank is enough for me to not like it. Not sport touring friendly. That's what's so awesome about the SV. It's a great touring bike! 

I'm so glad I have one now, because if I had to buy a new Suzuki today, the only one I would consider (not necessarily buy, but just consider) buying is a VStrom. 

Luckily there are plenty of used SVs to go around....

You can check out the entire 2013 lineup for Suzuki on their website. Meh.