Shoutout to Schampa Gear

Schampa shirt pants warm cold winter baselayer motorcycle riding outdoor


If you still haven't discovered Schampa thermal baselayers, you don't know what you're missing! I have to give a quick shout to Schampa, without whom I would've freezed my ass off all winter. Their skinny pants and shirt are the BEST thermal baselayers. I've practically lived in them at home, work, walking Benny, anything that requires me staying warm in cooler temps. Read my review and get yourself a set now!


Motorcycle Gift Idea, Base Layers

Schampa shirt pants warm cold winter baselayer motorcycle riding outdooricebreakers baselayers merino wool insulated baselayer

Warm baselayers are one of the 'Must Haves' for any woman who rides year round. It really does make a difference!

Above left is the Schampa skinny shirt (matching pants also available). Read my review here.

Above right is the Icebreaker Merino Wool zip top. It's on sale from Backcountry Gear for $75.  I've heard great things about Icebreaker clothing. If you know someone who can't afford to buy a whole new set of insulated, armored gear, this might be a great accessory in the meantime to help keep them a little bit warmer and more comfy. 

Unfortunately I don't know what the fitment is with the Icebreakers, but I did stumble upon a travel forum that had some comments implying that they're curvy friendly in terms of shape. 


Gift ideas for women who love motorcycles

Shopping for that special woman in your motorcycling life? Does she ride like the wind? Can she take a corner like Valentino Rossi? Does she ride as often as she can, whenever she can?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then she deserves some special holiday gifts to make her moto life even better.

I've listed a few ideas for stocking stuffers that are sure to impress your Moto Lady.

1. Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment

Liz Jansen wrote this book to inspire women everywhere that motorcycles aren't just for riding, but can be a source of empowerment and self confidence.

Price: $22.50 Where to Buy: Trillium Tours Website, Available for Pre order December 4th.

Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment


2. Kriega Stash Motorcycle Wallet

Every woman needs somewhere to stash some cash, keys and ID when going for a long ride. But maybe she doesn't want to carry a bulky purse or backpack. How about something flat, easy to carry and stash under one's seat?

Price: $15.00 Where to Buy:

3. Pocket Tire Plugger plus CO2 Inflation

Why call AAA when you have a handy dandy tire plug kit? She'll impress all of her riding buddies when she whips this little kit out and plugs the tire herself, saving hours of precious riding time because of a flat tire. Even comes with CO2 to reinflate!

Price: $47.95 Where to Buy: store


4. Hand Warmers

These little guys will fit nicely in the palm of her gloves, giving her a little extra warmth for that chilly ride home.

Price: $11.96/2 pk (10 pairs) as of 11/23/11 Where to Buy:

5. Schampa Arm Warmers

I know what you're thinking, why would she need a shirt without arms? Well, if she's anything like me, her temperature changes constantly. I easily go from hot to cold, especially with the micro climates of the Bay Area. But you never know when you need to peel a layer and these are easy to peel off.

Price: $23.99 Where to Buy: