Guest Article, Black Girls Ride Magazine

Woo Hoo! The January 2017 Issue of Black Girls Ride 

Woo Hoo! The January 2017 Issue of Black Girls Ride 

If you're not familiar with Black Girls Ride Magazine, it's an web based motorcycle magazine that highlights women of color in the riding community. An often overlooked segment of female motorcyclists in mainstream media. 

This month, the editor Porsche asked me to contribute a copy of my Open Letter to New Riders that I wrote a couple years ago. 

Thanks Porsche!

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Mention in Be Fabulous! Magazine

I'm in very good company with my fellow women moto-bloggers in the latest edition of "Be Fabulous!" magazine (free). 

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The mission of the magazine is to "Inspire, Educate and Empower the baby boomer woman".  This particular issue features other prominent female bloggers and adventurers such as my good friend Alisa Clickenger aka MotoAdventureGal

And if you're looking for a magazine that highlights the various issues that Baby Boomer women experience you may want to check it out. 

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Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

Adventure Motorcycle Magazine Dual Sport Motorcycles

Check out this magazine. I don't read very many paper motorcycle magazines these days. But this is one of the few that I actually like reading and will be purchasing a subscription for. You can't sell dual sport riding with women in bikinis or half naked women, period. Dual sport riding is no joke. Reading about other people's adventures is exciting, inspiring and downright cool. One of my good friends, MotoAdventureGal contributes articles for them too.  

Not only do they have apps so you can read the content from your phone, but you can also purchase a digital subscription. So 21st century!

And if you're on Facebook and you don't already Like their page, I highly recommend doing it asap. They post the most amazing photos from around the world!


Shifting Gears at 50, a new book


Earlier this year I was asked to contribute a sidebar about gear for a book aimed at older riders who are just getting into riding or trying to jump back in after a long absence. It's been published and somewhere in these pages, you'll find a photo of me and some words of wisdom about shopping for gear.

My friend Walt Fulton also contributed a significant portion of the content of this book as well. Go Walt!

The publishers of Shifting Gears (Bowtie Press) is also the name behind Proficient Motorcycling.

Review: Biker Net Baggers

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