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Join Me on The Lean Angle

(Left: Alisa Clickenger/ Women’s Motorcycle Tours , Right: Porsche Taylor/ Black Girls Ride Mag ,)

(Left: Alisa Clickenger/Women’s Motorcycle Tours, Right: Porsche Taylor/Black Girls Ride Mag,)

I never have enough to do so I started a brand new motorcycle show on Facebook, called The Lean Angle.

We’ll be streaming live on Facebook, on our page here:

The Lean Angle will cover a wide range of topics as it relates to motorcycles. Alisa has a strong solo travel, dual sport background (in addition to street touring) and Porsche has a lot of experience in solo travel, sport touring and cruising. And you know me and my sporty bike addiction.

We hope to be on at least once a month for ~60 minutes but will do our best to try and see you a little sooner. With summer around the corner, our schedules are hectic but we all love talking about motorcycles so check out our first episode which aired last night!

And you DON’T even need a Facebook account to watch! But if you do have an account, post a comment in the episode and let us know your thoughts including what kinds of topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes.

So it doesn’t matter who you are, what/when/how/where you ride. Join us on The Lean Angle!

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Guest Article, Black Girls Ride Magazine

Woo Hoo! The January 2017 Issue of Black Girls Ride 

Woo Hoo! The January 2017 Issue of Black Girls Ride 

If you're not familiar with Black Girls Ride Magazine, it's an web based motorcycle magazine that highlights women of color in the riding community. An often overlooked segment of female motorcyclists in mainstream media. 

This month, the editor Porsche asked me to contribute a copy of my Open Letter to New Riders that I wrote a couple years ago. 

Thanks Porsche!

Click Here to Read the Entire January Issue!